The drawing: Reuse of Home of Revolution a joint contribution of SADAR+VUGA, HHF and Dijana Vučinić to the CAB

SADAR+VUGA, HHF, and Dijana Vučinić present the map drawing of the project Reuse of Home of Revolution in Nikšić Montenegro at Chicago Architectural Biennal, Make New History from September 2017 through January 2018. The map drawing of 3.8m x 2,5m consists of three layers which construct the history of the site: the first layer is the ground floor construction drawing by Marko Mušič, upon which a construction of the building started in 1978. The second layer represents the mapping of the unfinished construction site/ruin in 2016 which serves as the base for the 3rd layer of current reuse proposal. The drawing depicts the building transformation from the unfinished construction site to the safe, covered public space.

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