Sadar+Vuga is participating in International exhibition Friends for Oris; a symbol of hope and optimism

Oris House of Architecture has invited more than 70 distinguished architects and photographs from all over the world, with whom they have collaborated on many occasions, to participate in the exhibition, which was stimulated by the global pandemic and devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb.

As a gesture of friendship and hope in a better future, we have chosen a model of the Liaunig Museum, Austria, from 2004. The Nehaus Liaunig Museum project was our contribution to an internationally invited competition for the great industrialist Mr. Liaunig. This enstranged object, which hibernates in winter, is said to have been dedicated to Liaunig’s collection of Austrian contemporary artists since 1945.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, 4 June at 6 p.m. at Oris House of Architecture in Zagreb.

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