Thyssen Krup Quartir

Essen, Germany, 2006



Thyssen Krupp AG

Essen, Germany

Site area
153.500 m2

Total floor area
100.000 m2


Thyssen Krupp quarter for 2000 staff, including headquarter, office and administrative buildings, conference center, hotel, academy and other uses


steel, glass

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Adrian Petrucelli, Jacqueline Pehlemann)

Basic guidance at Krupp zone revitalization is to harmonize nature and buildings. In our proposal, we would like to reach this goal with building topography, which combines technical functionality and organic forms. Specific Thyssen Krupp Brandscape set is composed of eight squares and free standing buildings creating together room for urban and close-to-nature life at the same time.

Natural undulating topography of adjacent Krupp Park flows together into building topography on the competition area. From the area, several platforms raise resembling green isles. Adaptation to the shape of the competition area together with various sizes and heights doubles green surfaces and creates attractive public and social places.

Eight squares with different atmospheres and characters combine additional network in the Thyssen Krupp quarter. Specific characters of squares are defined by elements like water, green areas, platforms, paths, urban furniture and trees. Squares are closely connected to adjacent buildings. In this way we created Headquarter-Plaza (square) (1), Congress- (2), Event- (3), Academy- (4), Business- (5), Park- (6), Monument- (7) and Entry- Plaza (square) (8). All squares can be used flexibly as areas for performance and presentation, children’s playground, resting area or performance place.
As a social and public area for cooperators, guests and neighboring residents this quarter can become fixed constituent part of the city of Essen.

Buildings are arranged independently in accordance to area topography. All buildings have same heights and thus compose a uniform set. They are positioned in a way, which enables view on the city and the park.

Access to the quarter or neighborhood is possible from three approaches, main access from south, across Altendorfer Straße and approaches in east and north area. Road across quarter is included in area topography linking buildings and squares in both directions. Pedestrians and cyclists can move through area freely and unhindered by traffic. The bridge provides direct connection to the Krupp Park on western side of the quarter.