Three Academies Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005



Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
35.530 m2

Building area
5.465 m2

Total floor area
27.770 m2

2 basements + ground floor + 4

precast concrete slabs, cocncrete pillars

insulated glass panels, alu frames

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tina Hočevar, Adrian Petrucelli, David Ruić, Goran Golubič, Ines Schmid)

The joining of the three art faculties of the University of Ljubljana (The Academy of Music, The Academy of Fine Ats and The Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) in the building 3A will undoubtedly result in higher quality of production of individual academies.

The building 3A is characterised by five stacked massive horizontal slabs. Their three-wing shape is the result of placement at the location and the reaction to accessibility of the building from three sides. The three-wing shape of slabs is linked to the basic organisation of the building with three independent academies joined at the centre, the Vertical Hall. This is the central area of the building 3A, spatially linking the slabs.

Each upper slab has a smaller surface than the slab beneath it. The slabs are increasingly notched towards the top of the building. Notches enable optimising the organisation of activities on slabs with regard to their orientation and exposure to sunlight.

Boxes in the building 3A are certain closed spaces determined by the programme and technics. These are all public event venues (the grand concert hall, chamber hall, theatre hall, ballet hall, exhibition pavilion, restaurant) and the large study rooms (tv, film studio, student stages, joint lecture rooms). Higher boxes pierce slabs.

The Vertical Hall is the spatial link between centres of slabs. Notches of each upper slab result in a two-storey area, which determines the placement of main staircase and the position of the foyer between boxes at each level. Notches of slabs rotate and create a visually dynamic Vertical Hall.

Due to its visual openness, the Vertical Hall is the point of stimulated interaction, get-together, and meetings between students, guests and visitors at events.