S+V Treasures

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2022

Klemen Ilovar

Graphic design
Nejc Prah

Art direction
Urša Vrhunc

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Belen Villan Fernandez, Lovrenc Kolenc, Maša Ogrin)


Treasures is a family of individual pieces of furniture and useful objects that emerged alongside Sadar+Vuga’s various architectural and interior projects. Each object relates its own narrative, which evolved parallel to the object’s use and its interpretation of a characteristic Slovenian natural motif – like the magical Alpine lakes, the country’s highest mountain, the motif of the heart and other elements of traditional craft. Their expression is straightforward, colourful, and unusual. They colour the space around them as individual pieces, in pairs, or in groups.


The Bled Table mirrors the actual shape of Bled Lake. The lake’s famous island with a church in the middle is cut out of the surface in the form of a negative. The smallness of the table, the noble character of the gold and silver coating, and the individual details render this useful object particularly valuable and refined.


Julijci is an Alpine massif, which is home to the country’s highest mountain, Triglav. The Julijci bench consists of a simple, straight and wide surface seat and a back-/armrest that imitates the iconic silhouettes of the Julian Alps. The different arrangements of back- and armrests change the form of the bench and offer the user different ways of sitting. Users are invited to interact with it, and these unusual arm- and backrest arrangements provide a sense of intimacy to the individual.


The highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav rises majestically above the plains below and is a celebrated national symbol. The Triglav chair is a mighty piece of furniture owing to its solid bulk, shape, and colour, and even resembles a throne. It surprises with an under-designed base and a mighty, multifaceted back and similar armrests. The Triglav chair can be used as a stand-alone, but works even better in a cluster, reminding us as it does of a rugged, ruptured mountain range.


Lake Bohinj is a magical Alpine lake that changes colour according to season and weather. Its depths and shallows form an incredible colour palette. The Bohinj rug brings a piece of this beauty into a business lobby or a children’s room with its enchanting shape and material.


The Roza birdfeeder combines flat heart-shaped elements into a voluptuous spatial object by folding them together. The food cup and the roof above it remind us of a rose that blossoms in the garden, even during the winter season.


Pottery is a traditional Slovenian craft. Wine majolicas and big furnaces are indispensable elements of the local vernacular environment. And because wine is now stored and served in bottles and heating comes up from the floor, the Helga wine rack is the quintessential element that connects traditional craft with the contemporary interior. Owing to their modular construction, the resulting wine racks can take on an array of different shapes and sizes.