S+V Follies

product design

project commission



SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Belen Villan Fernandez, Silvia Torano Pereda, Andres Serrano Macias

In the period of over 25 years and in over 100 projects of Sadar + Vuga – in parallel with our architectural production, large useful objects, elements of built-in walls and ceilings, pieces of equipment, and furniture were created.

The objects are made of various materials, some as industrial products and others as distinctly handicraft products.

What unites them, in addition to usability and functionality, is their creation tied to the story set in the project and the desire for innovation and diversity of what we can buy on the market.

The office developed different groups of architectural products for everyday use and the group S+V Follies is one of them.

Carmen, Lola, Manolo and Paco are elements, designed as item holders. By bending, curving, shaping, processing, and coloring aluminum, we obtained ready-made objects to serve everyday purpose, that is to place objects of choice onto them. Different colorations of the hangers have different impacts on the space they’re in and as such act as shelves, wall hooks, and/or hangers. The specialty: the colorful wall hooks can be used for various objects simultaneously.