Speicherstadt Potsdam

Potsdam, Germany, 2002



EGS – Entwicklungsgemeinschaft Speicherstadt

Site area
10.896 m2

Total floor area
93.524 m2

congress centre, hotel, spa, residential, offices

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Breda Bizjak, Tomaz Čeligoj, Beno Masten)

Our proposal focuses on the character of the external space as a factor that builds the new identity of the warehouse city and at the same time, preserves the immanent characteristics of the area: the large isolated buildings – solitary objects – and the space between them. Perceived by us as several space sequences, the space conceived in this way is in harmony with the specific topography of the environment of the city centre of Potsdam: with the palaces and parks. The transition into the given location of the warehouse city only means a compression of similar spatial, structural and operational traits which can be found in the city or its immediate surroundings.

In the proposal, the site is built on seven Landscapers. Built under them and the four restored old warehouse buildings are seven different squares, giving new identity to the warehouse city area.


* The Landscaper is a proprietarily / programmatically/technically functional and designed unit of realistic division of the entire area;
* The Landscaper dimensions are determined by the maximum construction border;
* The Landscaper consists of the podium and parts of the structure;
* The ground floor level connects the podium space with the level of the upper entrance with the construction in the mezzanine; leading across the space are paths and a drop-off if the entrance in the mezzanine is also the main entrance into the building;
* The Landscaper has an external public surface which continues from the podium space into the flat part – the terrace of the podium;
* Located next to the terrace and in specific parts of the podium (winter gardens), are the restaurant facilities of the Landscaper, which are connected with the interior of the building;
* The podium space is planted with low garden vegetation and the terraces with trees
* Located under the podium space is the servicing and technical part of the building, connected with accesses and driveways;
* The construction within the maximum construction border of the Landscaper is determined by the building line; this is a line which determines the upper part of the podium space.