SPA Kolezija

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009

leisure and sport

open anonymous competition

Ljubljana City Municipality

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
10.424 m2

Building area
2.150 m2

Total floor area
8.763 m2

2 basements + ground floor + 1

light, pavilion structure, prefabricated elements

prefabricated roof elements of variable transparency

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Bostjan Vuga, Spela Stern, Ana Krec, Ramon Velazquez, Vanja Gortnar)
Construction Engineer: AtelierOne (London)
Environment: Transsolar (Markus Krauss)
Landscape: LUZ (Sergej Hiti)
Traffic: LUZ (Tomaž Blaž)

The building of Spa Kolezija is based as a compact pavilion, which enables rational construction, synergy between programs and optimized energy consumption.

The three main sets of the building are the interior pool with saunas and changing rooms, the medical ward, management and restaurant set and the gym with fitness.

All three sets are integrated with the reception area, which is spatially and energetically designed as a transit area.

1. The Green Embrace represents the existing vegetation which is perfectly preserved on the west, south and east edge of the site. It forms a natural barrier against surrounding programs, gives shadow and serves as an environment for many of the spa’s programs.

2. The existing swimming pool building is presented as an imprint in the floor. As part of the archeology of the building all the circumferential walls are preserved, they become a part of the landscape-architectural concept of the new swimming pool. Above the floor of the existing building a green pergola is planed.

3. The building of Spa Kolezija and outdoor swimming pool are located at the current location of the small swimming pool and basketball court or at the current location of the outdoor pool and associated sunbathing areas.
The orientation of the Spa building is such, that the entrance is from Langus street, a plaza and a quick parking zone are formed in front of the building.