Skatepark Stožice

Sports Park Stožice, Slovenia 2021

sport, leisure

project commission


Stožice Sports Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total floor area
1.135 m2

skateboard halls, viewing and social platform, utilities,

reinforced concrete, concrete blocks


SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tina Hočevar, Petko Grabljič, Belen Villan Fernandez, Matjaž Bahor)

The new Skatepark Stožice creates a new indoor skateboard hub in the country. Offering two different halls, it represents a new youth center for action sports. It is located at the north-eastern part of Ljubljana, in the Stožice Sports Park, next to the city highway. Because of the surroundings, which are characterized by sports, this is an accessible and open recreational, professional, and social point. Its appearance can, with time, generate alternative possibilities of re-use and re-definition of the sports grounds in the wider city context.

The Stožice Sports Park in Ljubljana includes a multi-purpose sports hall and a football stadium. The football stadium for 16,000 spectators is sunk under the plateau of the park. The spectator stands, under which a parking garage is placed, enclose the football pitch. The City of Ljubljana commissioned the project of a new city skate park in one part of the garage underneath the stadium, taking up approximately 1350m2. The optimal design of the skate park is placed in the eastern side of the garage along the longer side of the stadium.

Using the central-eastern entrance to the stadium as the main entry, the skate park is accessible directly from the garage as well. As the area is also one of the main evacuation routes of the entire structure, it cannot be changed or adapted in any way. It splits the skate park into two main parts, which are visually and physically connected through a newly added mezzanine between them. The northern hall of the skate park is, with its 600m2, designed for BMX bikes and its ramp includes banks, decks, and a skating bowl. The southern hall is a skate ramp with 425m2.

Designed as an open two-storey service core, the mezzanine makes all ramps accessible and visible at the same time. It includes the main entrance, communications, and a gallery with fixed and moveable seating at an area of 110m2. The elevated central social space, surrounded by all activities happening in the skate park, creates a sense of community and security. The post-industrial character of the mezzanine is accentuated with the play of the used black and white ceramic square tiles of different sizes.

The lower floor of the mezzanine allocates an existing fire escape, a wardrobe, bathroom facilities, a smaller warehouse, a repair workshop, and a storage room. Here, the same material as in the upper part of the mezzanine is used – variably sized black and white tiles.

The new Skatepark Stožice creates a new traffic scheme within the existing garage by shifting the location of the access road and parking slots for its positioning. The concrete construction and existing installations of the structure dictated the design boundaries. Built in between the garage pillars, new walls made of concrete brick enclose the skate park. In order to ensure an adequate and safe sports environment, new heating and ventilation systems are installed. The existing mechanical installations of the fixed city pipeline are secured with a steel mesh. The walls of the skate park and its ramps are coated with wooden panels. Newly added longitudinal lights, hanging above the skate park are installed throughout both halls and the mezzanine and appear as the secondary ceiling, running along the ramps and thus connecting the structure.