Schönberg Residential Bern

Bern, Switzerland, 2005



Liegenschaftsverwaltung der Stadt Bern

Schönbergpark, Laubeggstrasse/Schoenbergrain, Bern

Site area
3.140 m2

Total floor area
2.000 m2

basement + ground floor + 1 + attika

steel structure, massive double span slabs

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Bostjan Vuga, Ines Schmid, John Paul Americo, Rune Boserup, Luka Jancic- Model)

Three separated apartment buildings with ten individualized apartments into the Schoenbergpark. The position, size and volume of the three buildings are in harmony with the natural park environment and other buildings in the park. The vertical window elements (blown-up window) are positioned into the park, so they enable optimal views from the apartments into the surroundings.

The Blown-up Windows are connected to each other with the façade “membrane” of ceramic tiles. On its jointed surface, the reflections of the park break. The individuality of the interiors of the ten apartments project through these windows.

The final design is formally curious and unexpected. We hope that this quality of difference and uniqueness will attract future residents to live in the park and in these apartments.

The Result of the application of the formula is three curioulsy shaped volume. Existing trees were respected, working around them rather than cutting them down. The shape is thus a response to the nature around it.