Renovation of the Hotel Slon Lobby

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2019

hospitality, mixed use lobby space

project commission

Best Western Premier Hotel Slon

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total floor area
763 m2

lobby, upper lobby,reception, gallery, luggage room, toielts, passage, informal meeting space

coral textured glass, green terrazo, wooden walls, textile furniture, mirrors,

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Mirjam Milič. Petko Grabljič, Belen Villan Fernandez)

Modernistic design with concrete structure enables simple renovations and adapting styles with changing trends. Hotel Slon never had main central lobby space with special staircaise. Also never had any spatial hierachy: individual ambients, lobby, bar, reception, stores, cafes…all combined together with more or less softer passages connecting them.  The space never presented any special spatial sequences with specific view points.

We propose to design the Lobby as a spatial experience, a new monumental space of the hotel. New Lobby will become the most remarkable atmosphere of the hotel Slon. It will become an illusion of grandeur – Grand Hotel. Designing the space with materials, colors and textures will refer to the best interiors of hotel Slon from 60s and 70s.

We propose to enhance the new difference in height. The central lobby space will change in height from 4,5m to 9,00m. This will be the first prominent lobby in the history of the hotel. Dividing the section of the lobby into 3 heights:

-Podium to the height 2,30m

-Friz area from 2,30 till 4,60m

-The Grand Shade area from 4,60 to 9,00m



Warm, rich, wood, leather, velvet. Different shades of deep blue and green colors of the furniture and floor reflect the new luxurious ambient of the hotel Slon. Fresh flowers and images of old interiors with eclectic furniture paint a rich historical image of the most important hotel in Ljubljana. Carpets on the floor the patterns of the wall panels give the impression of a grand salon and invite visitors. Direct and indirect lighting enhance the luxurious materials in the podium.


Upper area of the lobby is defined by a grid raster that continues from the ceiling down to podium. On the ceiling there are geometrical panels with acoustic materials. The walls of friz are dressed in reflective mirrors that create an optical illusion and enhance the space. It makes the space of lobby extend into infinity. It is a completely different space from podium. It is strong and horizontal and extends its ceiling plane into infinity. This friz area gives lobby a different dimension and grandeur character.


In the central and highest space we insert a light dome with semi-transparent textured glass. The grand shade is a surprise that a visitor notices once it arrives to the lobby area. The mezzanine area is blured by the translucent textured glass. The light from the Grand shade makes the Lobby space more bright. The grand shade is the »elephant in the room« around which the placement of furniture and movement of people is defined by its placement. The space with all these elements paints an unforgetable image to anyone whom visits it.