Reconstruction and Extension of Governmental Building

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000-2005

offices and workspace

public tender

SSSV Republic of Slovenia

govermental area, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
1.928 m2

Building area
875 m2

Total floor area
5.338 m2

basement + gf + 5 storeys + attic

offices, conference rooms

existing concret and brick construction, new massive reinforced concrete columns, steel construction

existing façade, steel and aluminium panels

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tomaž Čeligoj, Breda Bizjak, Lorenka Stropnik)

Barbara Jakše Jeršič

Gregorčičeva 25 office building in Ljubljana was projected in the year 1945 and built in the fifties for the Ministry of foreign affairs. After its reconstruction and interior renewal the building will host a new user namely various governmental agencies.

Strings of offices are narrowing as to the actual situation, reducing this way their nonfunctional office depth.

In direction of the central belt offices are separated by a frosted glass and with audio insulating light separating walls. Offices are of different size with one, two or more working spaces.

The existing corridor widens transforming itself into the central belt, which becomes the main area of the each storey and at the same time the “image provider” to the interior of the ambiance. Operatively speaking, the corridor widens for as much as it takes to obtain the necessary width for installing the additional common area. The central area became a place of communication, meetings and informal gatherings, place for conversation in sitting rooms, for short breaks. All services are placed here.

Typical storey is composed of the central belt and bordering strings of offices along north and south facade, all of them having daylight.

Offices can be organized flexibly as single working space (14,4 m2), offices with two working spaces (21,85 m2) and multi working space offices. They are separated by partition walls. Wall which separates offices from the central belt is a system glass wall, translucent but frosty and with a stripe print – gaze preventing.

Walls in the central belt are made of the same systematic glazing as the walls towards the offices. Instead of striped glazing a honeycomb plastic filling is used, acting as a filter when walking accross the floor, revealing and hiding views all at the same time.

In a suspended ceiling of a central part are mounted installation cassete lines acting at the same time as illumination.