Park City Spark

Bratislava, Slovakia, 2009


project commission

Grunt a.s.

Spark*, near Bratislava, Slovakia

Site area
83.340 m2

Building area
47.545 m2

Total floor area
117.590 m2

ground floor + 7

structural glazing, laminated glass

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Bostjan Vuga, Edmond Muller, Ramon Velazquez, Johan Siim)

Spark urban development is located on the northeast edge of Bratislava and covers 240 hectares. Eight blocks of the overall master plan have been delegated to Sadar and Vuga to propose an architectural solution. The initial phase of the project consisted of understanding the various conditions of the eight blocks and their relation to the brief.

Basic concepts for developing the eight blocks were developed in the second stage of the project. The urban development reacted at two basic scales: macro and micro.

The micro scale is defined by pedestrian perspectives and framing the lanes of circulation. The macro scale responds to views and orientation to the sun, creating relationships between the overall mass of each block. Each block transforms according to both scales, creating an architecture particular to each building. The podium contains retail spaces that face the main avenues, as well as collective gardens fronting the parkway. The podium also creates terraces on the first floor that are used as collective or private gardens, depending on their location. The building contains apartments, which are divided into three hierarchies: high, medium and low. Each type of apartment has a location in the building specific to sun orientation and to privileged extensions, which include open terraces and private gardens. Finally, the project is an urban development with solutions developed from an adaptable logic that reacts to specific site conditions and creates unique architecture.