Outfit7’s New Office Floor

Vitanje, Slovenia 2012

office and workspace

invited competition

Ekipa2 d.o.o. (Outfit7)

Multi-brand tower (Crystal Palace) in Ljubljana BTC area

Total floor area
432,3 m2

offices, conference rooms

existing building (reinforced concrete, steel structure)

glass facade

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tina Hočevar, Maja Omerzel)

Sadar+Vuga has been invited to a competition to design new office floor for one of the fastest growing multinational entertainment companies on the planet – Outfit 7. So creating a new office floor for Outfit7 was a challenging opportunity – to produce an environment inspiring, daring and inventive enough to facilitate such a breakthrough.

The plan, the layout of the new office floor is organized in three parts – ARENA, TRINITY and GARDEN – which smoothly transition from one to another. Once inside, we are immediately embraced by the ARENA, a focal point, the heart of the entire floor. This is an adaptable area where you attend a presentation, a test or a launch – or just a play of the product. You also move from your workstation to the ARENA when you want a more relaxed sitting arrangement or closer exchange with a colleague. The ARENA is encircled by a semi-circular terraced sofa and a set of pillars supporting the TRINITY rooms. Both sofa and pillars are upholstered in a soft green fabric, which suggests a variety of uses. The sofa is movable, and hence adaptable for events or everyday work.

In the centre, a large wall-screen creates and communicates a relaxing atmosphere or presents the latest achievements of the company. A large circular lamp embedded in the ceiling surrounds the area of the temple with a changeable light. A circular flower pattern printed onto the floor extends from the ARENA into the interior of the TRINITY rooms.

The TRINITY consists of three distorted hexagonal glazed meetings rooms. The soft pillars and white boards running towards the GARDEN working area support the glazing. The central room is a big meeting room for 12 people, and the east and west rooms are meeting places for two and four people respectively, with a working place for a project manager. The interiors of both the east and west rooms are wrapped in expansive green wallpaper – an enlarged projected image of a garden.

Mediated nature in the TRINITY rooms transitions into nature proper in the east and west GARDEN working areas. Here, large red curved beams loop under the suspended ceiling, hosting hydroponic plants on their uppers and lamps on their lower extremities. This will soon develop into a lush hanging garden floating above some 60 workstations and further enhance the very specific working atmosphere here. Pentagonal wooden desks allow for three workstations per desk. And they’re movable, on wheels, allowing for adaptable working environments according to their composition. Here, you think, work – alone, in pairs or in a group. Four large white boards, as part of the walls of the TRINITY rooms mark off the GARDEN towards the rooms.