New Petrol Bussines Building

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2019

office building

invited international competition

Petrol d.d. Ljubljana

Dunajska cesta 70, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
15.265 m2

Building area
4.821 m2

Total floor area
38.304 m2

offices, exhibition space, library, multi-purpose hal, auditorium

reinforced concrete

glass, aluminium


The new Petrol office building is a building of a modern corporation. Its character is mirrored in the spatial organisation of the building. The motto of Petrol is “Energy for Life” and it is shown in the design of the building’s working and living space. The building is softly connected to the public space of its immediate surroundings.

Our proposal for the new Petrol office building is based on three starting points:
1. community as strategy
2. knowledge as strategy
3. body as strategy

The spatial design of the Petrol building establishes the workspace as an ecosystem of employees where inclusion and cooperation of the workers, guests and outside visitors is encouraged. The working environment stimulates the engagement of every employee and strengthens the creativity and productivity of each individual and of Petrol as a whole by having different micro-ambiances, non-uniformity and ever-changing situations. The working environment is a platform for different types of work, from group discussions to meeting rooms, areas for informal events, exchanges and presentations, to halls for very formal events and important meetings. Such an environment is the basis for creativity and innovation of the corporation, for the production of knowledge.

The design of the building and the activities that happen in it encourage movement and balance of the work process and the physical needs of employees. The new Petrol office building will enable a stimulating working and living environment, professional and social interactions as well as unexpected situations. It will not be a boring building and its image in the city will represent a dynamic and ever-changing working environment.

Our proposal is based on the spatial design of the new Petrol office building that guarantees flexibility in the company’s organisation of work. The design is human-centric: every employee can always find a working space that is most suitable for them in any given moment. At the same time, six big, physically and visually connected floors offer an intense social interaction between the employees, guests and outside visitors. All of this is happening in a building that has a wide, compact, six-floor volume of offices and a several-floor structured addition with common, non-business activities on each end of the volume. The spatial design of the building follows the principle of balance between the occupancy of the floor during working hours and its accessibility: the more it is occupied, the closer to the ground floor it is. The occupancy principle also goes for each individual floor: the surfaces closest to the facade are always more occupied. This is where the working spaces are and they need the most natural light as possible.

The new Petrol building combines the qualities of an energetically designed volume with a working environment that stimulates cooperation and innovation of the employees and offers them a comfortable place to work. The building is a notable one along Dunajska street and in the city landscape. The concrete business volume carries two steel additions- the north and south one. They function as attractive “caps” on the business volume. The design of their volume is flexible and follows the content of the addition. They are connected with a big terrace and a covered walkway, which connects the entrance of the sports hall in the northern addition and the restaurant and conference  entrance of the southern addition. A big green sports area with a running track on the north addition is in tune with the auditorium on the top of the southern addition. Both additions can work completely separately or, in the case of a big event, they can work as a big event area together. The physical separation of the additions on top of the business volume guarantees peace and quiet in the working areas.

The facade of the building consists of vertical, multifunctional elements within which we anticipate glazing in aluminum profiles. The vertical, precast facade elements create the impression of a dynamic waving of the facade in tune with the folded diaphragms of the additions. Elements consists of the supportive steel pillar that bridges a triple-height glazing. The isolation coating is from light concrete and it is designed to guarantee shading of the inside.