New Ljubljana Railway Station Hall

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2022


public project

Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
20.724 m2

Building area
5.180 m2

Total floor area
13.969 m2

train station hall, railway tracks overpass, offices,

steel structure

glass, aluminium


S+V (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Maja Omerzel, Mirjam Milić, Petko Grabljić, Zala Privšek, Zala Kanc, Pia Praček)

ELEA iC (Angelo Žigon, Špela Štern, Anže Grubelnik, Aleksandar Lalić, Arne Žigon)

ELEA iC (Angelo Žigon, Marko Pavlinjek, Bogomira Bučar Kitner, Metka Rotar, Marjan Gracar)

Railway engineering
Tiring Inženiring d.o.o.

Landscape architecture
Kolektiv Tektonika

Electrical instalations
Nombiro d.o.o.

Mechanical instalations
Nombiro d.o.o.

Fire safety
Fojkarfire d.o.o.

The upgrade of the railway infrastructure in the area of ​​the Railway station Ljubljana consists of a new railway station hall, the reorganization of passenger and freight tracks with new covered platforms, refurbished and expanded underpassage, renovation of the early 20th-century station building and the new green plazas on the eastern and western side.

The roof of the station hall spans over the tracks as a four-pitched structure. Its height adjusts to the existing station building. From the western and eastern green plazas along the Masaryk road on the south side, escalators lead to the level of the station hall, 9m above the tracks. On the northern side, the station hall connects with the new bus station.

Due to its symmetrical shape with the central axis, the station hall appears as a terminal, as a final station, as a building of the arrival in the center of Ljubljana. New canopies above platforms are taking into the shape of existing ones. They are mint green colors, just like the floors of the platforms, station halls, and the under passage.

The roof of the station hall is expanding and covering the initial part of the platforms. Its geometry of broken plates passes the eastern and western sun through laminate shades. Changing height, light and shadows and the sound of trains create a distinctive atmosphere of arrival and departure. The roof is lowering against the platforms, which creates an attractive space of meeting and detention in the station hall with views directed against the platforms and trains. A pavement pattern and specially designed benches, lights and other urban furniture to contribute to the well-being of passengers, or urban strollers.

A new city connection between the center and Bežigrad is over the western part of the station hall. This is a raised covered street lighted with western light and with views to train arrivals from the west. The street is bordered by the business and service block of the station hall with the high space of the internal waiting room.

The new station hall works as a covered raised square. Is a public space, open 24 hours a day. It is connected with the premises in the renovated station building and the eastern and western green beach near Masaryk.

The new extended under passage enables pedestrians and cyclists to connect the center between the center and Bežigrad. It is illuminated with natural light through glasses on the platforms. The underground works as a down street with shops, service premises, and a cycling room. On the Bežigrad side, the approach ends in the northern green plaza.

The project is developing in cooperation between designers Sadar + Vuga, Elea iC, landscape Tektonika Collective and railway infrastructure designer Tiring.