Music School Poznan

Poznan, Poland, 2014

education, public programe

open internation competition, 2nd degree mention

Music School Poznan

Poznan, Poland

Site area
3.282 m2

Total floor area
11.130 m2

concert hall, theathre hall. music school classrooms, wokshops, library, kindergarten, administration

reinforced concrete

vertical glazing, curved vertical cermaic elements

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Miha Čebulj, Jurij Ličen, Tinka Beltram Prekovič, Tomaž Krištof) & (Łukasz Sterzyński, Marcin Sucharski, Anna Brudzyńska, Aleksandra Jung, Ewelina Pachla)

The music school is concepted to inhabit the given site in its entirety, following the street lines. Its volume ties into the city fabric and concludes continuous constructions of city blocks in this part of Poznan. To tune the massing of the music school with the micro context, two volumes of the music school are developed: the school volume and the hall volume. The volumetric concept is very operative, since it provides a functional division in the learning part of the school and performing/spectating part of the school. Following that organisation, an easy to orientate circulations in the building are developed where public paths smoothly transit to internal paths of the school.

The waving of the facade generates a recognizable appearance of the music school in the city. The trees along the streets help providing a sound barrier between the city streets traffic and training rooms. The performing/spectating part of the building is enclosed towards the street.

Along the entrance street, a vertical lobby of the hall volume and the school volume is developed. This is a longitudinal four levels multipurpose space, a foyer in front of the halls and a waiting and meeting area on the school side where parents wait for their children, listen to informal practice of students, etc. Here exhibitions about the school life and its achievements are set up and this is where visitors are having a break during a performance.

The music atrium as the main external space of the Music school is a paraphrase of the courtyards of traditional music conservatoriums. It becomes a central space for informal meetings, gatherings of students and visitors of concerts and events in the halls. In warmer days, the music atrium can host small concerts, readings and presentations.