Mura Image Store

Split, Croatia / Moscow, Russia, 2003


Mura d.d.

historical centre, Split, Croatia / shopping centre, Moscow, Russia

Total floor area
200 m2

shop, storage

ceramic floor, plasterboard panels on walls and ceiling tendrils: 60mm steel pipes covered with artificial leather

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Mirjam Milič, Tomaž Kristof, Sandi Lalič, Christian Feldkircher, Miloš Jeftič)

The interior is build on two basic elements: a neutral light blue shell of the floor, the walls and the ceiling and tendrils independent elements made of wound threads showing the way around the area, which are the principal visual and functional element of the interior. The threads of the tendrils are wound in such a way that they support various pieces of clothing and accessories. One tendril can support several pieces of clothing at the same time: thus we get the visual combination of the trousers below and the jacket above, while the shirt is put on the horizontal part of the tendril in between. The customers become ourselves creators of our image: we can put it together from the pieces of clothing hanging on one tendril, one element.

Then there is also the dimension of the elements. The tendrils are actually larger than we are. A small element is enlarged so that its spatial effect creates a completely different world. By stepping through the door of Mura’s image store, we have entered a different world. Nevertheless, this is not a foreign and cold world or a world you would be afraid to enter. This world is seducing. It is drawing us in by the touch of the gentle beige skin wrapped around the tendrils.