Mogren Garden

Budva, Montenegro, 2012

leasure and sport

invited international competition

Mogren Garden d.o.o., Atlas group member

Budva, Montenegro

Total floor area
22.554 m2


SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Peter Sovinc, Špela Štern, Andreas Cesarini, Manuel Garcia Pillares), DVARP (Dijana Vučinić)

Our proposal develops the future tourist settlement as an extension of the Mogren cliff, as a volume of five smooth green peaks housing apartments and a hotel, rising from the greenery of the cliff. The five volumes are positioned on the cliff in a way which enables sufficient depth for placing the apartments.
A vertical pergola – a grid-like structure that outlines the volumes as a wireframe and anchors them to the cliff, defines the five peaks. The vertical pergola is completely covered with greenery: typical Mediterranean plants wrap around its structure. It seems as if the vegetation supports and carries the built volumes, while it appears as if the vertical pergola of the volumes rises off the cliffs and thus creates their artificial extension.

In the spring time, the five peaks of the Mogren cliff is partly covered by bougainvillea, partly by jasmine flowers. A recognizable scent of blossoming plants is present on the apartments’  balconies which partly stretch out of the green grid and create both a sunny and a shaded outdoor space. The vertical pergola also provides divisions for privacy between the balconies and the apartments.

All apartments have a splendid view to the sea and most of them a view to the old town of Budva. All apartments under the ground floor level have a direct access from the underground parking which infills the gap space in the cliff configuration.

The five peaks  of the Mogren cliff define a smooth and balanced transition of a raw nature of the cliff into an urban structure of hotels and residence of Budva.

Moreover, flexibility is created due to the green grid of the vertical pergola being the primary architecture and landscape element. Hence it is possible to add or subtract apartment units without affecting the overall visual and spatial effect.
The ground floor of the entire complex is developed on the actual top of the cliff. It is a plugged-in level which separates the apartments below the ground from those above.  It is a continuous belt containing an elevated promenade with restaurants, bars terraces, sun decks and swimming pools, which meander in and out of the apartment volumes. The ground floor is almost entirely glazed. Even when approaching the complex from behind one has uninterrupted views to the sea. Everything is linked by a partly shaded and partly sunny walkway on top of the cliff, which in turn is connected with stairs and elevators to the promenade of the Mogren beaches.