Modular prefabricated house S+V

anywhere, 2015

modular prefabricated house

Marles d.o.o.

Total floor area
178 m2

Open areas
260 m2

one family house with covered parking and outdoor area

wooden frame + panels

wooden colored wall, opaque glass, mesh blinds, glass sliding walls

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tina Hočevar, Jan Žiher)

The Modular prefabricated house S+V is a free-standing, ground floor, residential structure, which combines modern building technologies of prefabricated wooden structures with an eco-friendly design, providing maximum comfort all year round.

The house is based on a 4.4m x 4.4m x 2.5m wooden construction grid providing the future client with different layout possibilities in accord to their needs and desires. The grid is filled with various panels: wooden partition wall panels, coloured wooden facade panels and glass sliding panels. Through the catalogue selection of the appropriate wall and facade panels, as well as through the close collaboration with the architects, the future Modular house S+V dweller can develop the design most suitable to his lifestyle. The construction grid is placed on top of the concrete base slab, which expands beyond the house’s outline. Here the outer living areas appear covered by three stripes of a wavy roof with laminated wooden beams.

The stripes of the roof, are shifted in such a way that openings are generated in between, enabling natural illumination and ventilation of the interior. The wavy roof contributes to the energy efficiency of the proposed house design.

The white wavy roof, the wooden construction and coloured facade panels result in a memorable image of a completely modular and prefabricated house S+V.

The house can be placed into different landscapes, from the Mediterranean and lowland to the hilly and alpine. Because of its flexibility, the house can be programmed either for permanent living or for a weekend home.

The construction period of the Modular prefabricated house S+V, from the foundations set up to the actual moving in, takes 5-6 months.