Mlac Residential District

Ozeljan, Slovenia, 2007



Euroinvest d.o.o.


Site area
1.543.690 m2

Building area
525.335 m2

Total floor area
84.478 m2

No of units

Average unit floor area
135 m2


SADAR+VUGA (Boštjan Vuga, Jurij Sadar, Miha Čebulj, Mariano Arias-Diez, Špela Lokar, Špela Štern)

The internal spatial organization of PC REI is a sandwich of the public ground floor, the office building in the centre, and semi-public internal spaces at the top of the building.

The sandwich is held by two light nuclei, which that constitute the primary structure of the building and run along its entire height.

The office building thus gives the impression of a monolith floating on a core structure of light. The lifted monolith is wrapped in an intelligent façade, the technology of which enables the reaction of the static mass of the monolith to external factors, and thereby the alteration of its outside appearance.

The façade of the monolith is twofold: the internal sheet is thermic glass, there is a middle layer of shading according to necessity, while the outer layer is laminated glass with film. The type of film corresponds to external factors: it can be light and heat deflecting, anti-noise, can react by change of colour to incoming sunlight as to regulate shading.

The reaction of the intelligent façade softens the edges of the sharp monolith, makes it fluid-like. The effect is a lifted monolith between the lightweight and fair layers of the public ground floor and the penthouse with boarding on top.