Maremonti Tourist Resort

Čanj, Crna Gora, 2018


invited competition entry, 2nd place

Čelebić d.o.o.

Čanj, Crna Gora

Site area
37.530 m2

Building area
11.589 m2

Total floor area
59.327 m2

hotel, urban apartments, villas, restaurant, swimming pools, commercial program, glamping

reinforced concrete

roughly stocked concrete, composite material, prefabricated material, wood

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, u.d.i.a., Boštjan Vuga, u.d.i.a., Grad. Dip. (AA), Vita Grmovšek, m.i.a., Matjaž Bahor, m.i.a., Miha Gasperin, stud.arh. )

Sadar+Vuga has been invited to participate in a competition to design a new resort on the Montenegrin coast that can change a small tourist place Čanj in a new contemporary luxurious location.

The area covers 37,530 m2 and stretches from the base to the top of the hill in the central, most attractive part of Čanj. Apart from the height that varies within the location for 70m, the most prominent feature is the reef which divides the location to the southwestern and northeastern parts. The Maremonti Resort project uses all the advantages of the location and establishes a link between the new structure on the hill and the planned lungo mare. All contents are carefully designed and distributed, bearing in mind the climatic and topographic characteristics of the site. In this sense, the complex is characterized by the best views, as well as the most favorable insolation and orientation provided by the terrain, as well as wind protection. When designing, we tried to intervene as little as possible into the existing topography. Precisely this non-invasive approach to the result has a structure that follows a natural topography, and ridge remains the most significant natural feature.

At the site we defined 4 platforms, each with specific program and character and as such is the basis and axis for the development of the associated contents. The platforms are divided into four parts :

COMMERCIAL PLAZA which is connected to sports-recreational, public areas and as such it is part of the resort which has the most public character.

CLUB PLAZA represents the continuity of commercial content, and at the same time, the first point on which payment is made and the use of content. It consists of a raised platform with a beach club (lounge), urban character, overlooking the sea.

PROMENADE LUNGO MONTI represents the continuity of commercial content, and at the same time, the first point on which payment is made and the use of content. It consists of a raised platform with a beach club (lounge), urban character, overlooking the sea.

SKY PLAZA a separate part, at the best location, with the best views, available exclusively to guests of the resort.

The design of the hotel is modern, Mediterranean, based on the attractiveness of surrounding space, interconnected by indigenous greenery. The spaces are characterized by rich volumes, large sizes and open views to the sea and the forest. According to our project, resort Maremonti consists of several micro ambients that create the impression of compact and harmonious, and at the same time very distinctive units. On the way from the room to the pool or towards the restaurant, it passes through various built and natural ambiances.

It is precisely the diversity of the ambiance that gives character to this settlement – the moderation and shade of the Mediterranean forest on the one hand, and on the other hand the attractiveness of water surfaces of various shapes and purposes, the panoramic bar and the pool, the relatively protected swimming pool for children and the spectacle beach club on a private level. An element that achieves visual continuity between different ambiances and spaces is a horizontal and vertical grid or pergola, along with a network of arches that, as a form of a motif, are transferred to the surrounding, dispersed structures.

By using and combining these forms and specifically chosen materials (roughly stocked concrete, composite material, wood) we tried to achieve a harmonious, cohesive and perfected whole in the Mediterranean style. We have deliberately avoided the use of stone, since it is already present at the site, i.e. that the whole hill and the surrounding area are covered with a combination of stone and macchia. We tried to achieve a subtle difference between the existing and the built, and at the same time achieve a harmonious whole in an authentic  Mediterranean spirit. All materials used are permanent, detachable and require minimal maintenance.