MAKS, Mariborsko kulturno središče

Maribor, Slovenia, 2010


project commission

Municipality of Maribor

Old textile factory Merinka, Maribor, Slovenia

Site area
9.083 m2

Building area
5.468 m2

Total floor area
12.209 m2

basement + ground floor + 2

theatre, conteporary art gallery, restaurant, salon, lecture hall, library, gallery shop, grand enrty foyer, offices

braced steel frames

structural glazing, ventilated facade, aluminium plates

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Bostjan Vuga, Goran Golubić, Ana Kreč, Victor Barbalato, Vanja Gortnar, Jonathan Podborsek, Stavros Gargaretas, Edmond Muller)

MAKS will be erected on the site of the existing and vacated industrial building of Merinka spinning and weaving factory, located on top of the 25m high left bank of the river Drava in Maribor. As the first public-programme building within the degraded post-industrial area of Studenci, MAKS will become the catalyst of urban regeneration of the entire area both due to its distinctive appearance within the wider urban space and the activities it will host throughout the day. It will act as an attractor, bringing people in its part of the city both to visit an exhibition or to shop, eat at a restaurant, or relax high above the riverfront. From here, an image reveals itself like a postcard of the entire city, complete with hill Piramida in the background. From here, the city seems like a spectacle.

MAKS integrates the generic character of the industrial environment in which it is placed with the building’s specific visibility from the city centre and the wonderful view of the city. It is precisely this duality, the interplay between the neutrality of the black boxes, whose space can be adapted to host any event or activity and where performances for up to 650 spectators take place in a soundstage-like space, and the (pro)scenic attractiveness of the location, where each event in the Centre becomes an event for the city.

The width of MAKS’s raised platform extending over the riverfront becomes an identifying feature of the entire city, its landmark. While the Grand Foyer unfolds under the raised platform, above it, the Garden occupies what is essentially the roof of MAKS, the great city belvedere. Inside the platform, the Salon, Maribor’s big urban living room, is created.