Magnolia Tower Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2008


invited competition

Damac Properties Co. LCC

Burj Dubai District, Dubai

Site area
3.243 m2

Building area
2.431 m2

Total floor area
67.891 m2

2 basements + groundfloor + 56

residential building

reinforced concrete

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Vanja Bazdulj)
ENOTA (Milan Tomac, Dean Lah, Nuša Završnik, Nebojša Vertovšek, Marko Volf)

Our submission for the Deluxe Serviced Apartment Tower in Burj Dubai district was shaped by the ambition and inclination of the developer, Damac Properties, to erect a unique residential building in the rapidly developing area by the Burj Dubai tower. The building would be distinguished by its architectural design and image; at the same time, it would serve as a model of a functioning and energy-efficient residential building at the beginning of the 21st century.

The tower’s orientation at the given site allows the apartments to provide a view of the Burj Dubai tower from the exterior surfaces of the balconies and terraces.

At the same time, such orientation is favourable since it allows the tower’s perimeter to open and extend towards the north and north-west, i.e. in the direction of the Burj Dubai tower.

On the basis of these postulates and the modularity of trapezoid residential units, a typical tower floor is designed. The result is a characteristic organic, blossom-like shape of a typical residential floor. The smaller apartments and those that may be combined are positioned on the northern and north-western side, and there are two larger apartments on the eastern and western side.

• the shape and the recognisable silhouette of the tower are determined both by the orientation of the residential units towards the Burj Dubai tower, and the solutions for the weather conditions
• the tower is fully wrapped in a membrane that opens towards the north, where there are balconies looking over at Burj Dubai, and closes towards the south, where the risk of overheating is the biggest
• the membrane made of prefabricated panels wraps itself around the tower, both on the podium and on the residential floors
• the tower’s shape and the ondulating membrane give the tower an iconic character, both from the distance and close up
• the apartments in the tower are made up from hexagonal units that are assembled so as to provide maximum convenience and living comfort, as well as to ensure flexibility within the units and the possibility of combining them.