King’s house on Golf Course Bled

Bled, Slovenia, 2016


project commission

Eligo Bled, d.o.o.

Golf course Bled, Slovenia

Building area
1000 m2

Total floor area
1.780 m2

golf club hose, hotel with 10 rooms

existing brick and concrete structure, new steel and wooden roof structure

stone, wood, plaster

exposed concrete vaulting, wooden paneling, upholstered walls, textile flooring

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Vita Grmovšek, Sandi Lalić, Tina Hočevar, Tina Špat, Tjaša Plavec, Vanessa Konec, Katarzyna Fuzsara)
landscape architecture: Darja Matjašec, u.d.i.k.a.

Miran Kambič

Tourism in Bled started in 1855 when Swiss hydropath Arnold Rikli acknowledged the value and advantage of the local climate. More and more tourists followed Rikli’s patients, spending their holidays in a healthy and beautiful environment. Between both wars, Bled became a top metropolitan resort in Yugoslavia and the center of the political and diplomatic life during the summer months. The royal family Karađorđević made Bled their summer residence.

Construction of the golf course started at the initiative of the royal family. It was opened in 1937 and is still the oldest and largest course in Slovenia and one of the most attractive in Europe.

In 1938, a large and luxurious rustic mansion – golf clubhouse – was built according to the plans of architect Franc Kuglič. The tripartite division on the stone base, the dynamic ground floor, and a mighty roof gave this building a status of the main building at Golf course Bled. In the decades that followed, the King’s house was often renovated and expanded. The additions took away some of the architectural and spatial qualities of the building, making it less monumental, oddly proportioned and at points unfunctional.

The building is thoroughly renovated, again becoming the most prestigious golf clubhouse in the region. The new glass pavilion tunes with the King’s house in such a way that the heavy, existing roof extends into the lattice roof of the pavilion. It is designed as the heart of the completely renovated King’s golf course in Bled.

The renovation fully respects the architecture of the existing building, exposing its concrete vaulting and rich stucco and frescoes. The original structure becomes a framework within which various rich ambients will be placed. The ground floor holds the reception and the amenities for the players. The first floor becomes the new social space with a bar, an open kitchen, lounge room with a fireplace, club space, and a trophy room. A restaurant is positioned in the western pavilion. The whole floor will be designed in several ambients, offering comfort and pleasure in different social settings. Each of the ambients will have its own visual identity while complementing the whole.

Ten hotel rooms, some of which interconnectable, are positioned in the mighty roof of the hotel.

The clubhouse is furnished with a mix of classic, contemporary and traditional styles – chosen vintage elements are going to be carefully combined with custom-made pieces and contemporary furniture.

The functionality of the building is complemented by the landscape design: the building and its surroundings are integrated into the complex by spacious terraces, balconies and functional outdoor areas, overlooking the golf course and the Alps. The horticultural scheme follows the landscape design of the golf course.

The building is designed as a mix of different atmospheres that will allow the visitors functional comfort and enjoyment in rich, bright and relaxing ambients.