Seoul, South Korea, 2018


invited competition

Junggyebon-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Masterplan site area
168.965 m2

Site area
3.150 m2

Building area
1.886 m2

Total floor area
25.622 m2

apartments, public program, service, garage

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Rok Debevec, Tamara Rijavec, Matija Vuković)

The site is located on a hillside, adjacent to Buram Mountain City Nature Park from its north to its south boundaries, providing both, an excellent natural environment and a pleasant urban environment. The planned city road on the west side of the site which is connected with the inner city will be connected to the project site through the nearby residential area conservation zone, which was not a subject of the competition. The site of S+V project is one part of a joint masterplan, split into 7 different, smaller sites.

Main factors which influence the basic volume are determined by the master plan and given by nature. 4 corners, southern orientation, continuous flow of nature, and permeability of structure as well as access for people and vehicles are affecting the volume’s split. This separated volume configuration allowed us to provide all the flats with good orientation. We achieved this with the extension of the facade line and its orientation towards the south. Finally, the resulting volumes were additionally split and adjusted to the topography of our site.

The inside of our volumes consists of networks of horizontal and vertical communications. Vertical streets are made of elevators, stairs, and plazas – winter gardens with terraces on the northern and southern part of the buildings. Irregular geometry of horizontal streets creates many pockets (semiprivate places in the corridor), and together with previously mentioned gardens and plazas, recreates the feeling of the vernacular, a true reminiscence of vertical village.