House Orle

Trstenik, Slovenia, 2015


project commission

private client

Trstenik, Slovenia

Site area
1.200 m2

Building area
119 m2

Total floor area
245 m2

basement + ground floor + 1

residential home

reinforced concrete

cut stone, wood, sliding wooden shading panels

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Mirjam Milić, Peter Sovinc, Nikola Cvetovski)

Orle House is a free-standing, two storey building situated on a hill above Trstenik village near Kranj. It is planned with open and expansive views towards the valley on the south and mountains on the north.

While the exterior and materials used on the house evoke the memory of traditional alpine barns in the region, the building itself implements contemporary techniques. The structure and the way in which living space interacts with outdoor space disclose the contemporary character of the dwelling.

The house is developed from the inside. Contained within, is a solid backbone in the form of a ’ thick wall’ formed from stairs, storage units and service areas requiring less natural light. The living areas attached to the spine can be adjusted according to climate conditions. Expanded in good weather and connected with adjoining outdoor areas, shaded but still allowing natural ventilation in hot summer months, closed with open views in cold weather or closed altogether in extreme weather or absence of occupancy.

The façade is a reflection of the activity inside. The wooden envelope, interlaced with movable wooden shading panels and vanishing glazing changes according to climate and activity. Where the ‘thick wall’ punctures the membrane, we see the solid façade of roughly cut stone. In terms of use the house is divided into two separated units. The smaller, ground floor ‘day house’ with living space organized around a large traditional tiled stove and a larger ‘night house’ with bedrooms, service and storage that covers two floors and the basement.