Futura Advertising Agency Office

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000

offices and workspace

Futura Advertising Agency

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total floor area
900 m2

workspace, conference rooms

wooden sequence shells

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Mirjam Milič, Peter Šenk)

Hisao Suzuki

In the working area of the advertising agency Futura, the size, shape and sequence shell arrangement create unpredictable and new area situations, which in club-like working environment stimulate creativity of the production process. Sequence shells in Futura are solid elements with complex geometry, which are anchored either onto the ceiling or to the floor. They serve as gaze navigators – they discontinue, partially veil, direct or open up. A shell can define different correlation among exterior-interior, open-closed, public-private. The conference room can so become completely open – separated from the rest of the place only 1,5m in height. The sequence shell merely defines its area. Or it becomes closed allowing only a narrow entrance passageway. The sequence shells in Futura drastically change the scale of the space; they are elements with geometry similar to natural landscape.