Casino Perla Prive Club

Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2001

leisure and sport

competition, 1st prize

Hit, Nova Gorica

Casino Center Perla, Nova Gorica

Total floor area
256 m2

3 basements + 7 + 3 attics

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Tinka Prekovič, Lucijan Šifrer) + Atelje Japelj

The basis for our proposal for the renovation of the Club Prive in the Perla Casino centre was to establish a particular atmosphere within the space.

The player is the primary factor of atmosphere. The entire design of the interior accentuates the player’s pride during play. Our proposal is based on the lighting of the space as a means of preparing the atmosphere of the space.

The confines of the saloon are vague. The ceiling is dark while the walls are such that their structure contributes to the fading of the borders of the space. The light is not reflected, rather absorbed.

The light in the entire space is dim, discreet. Only the surfaces of the gaming tables and the players by them are strongly lit. The light sources are invisible, removed from the walls and ceiling.

The only set elements in the space that stand out and attract attention are the twelve sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling above the gaming tables and illuminate their surfaces and the players around them.

When the hall is full of players, spectators and viewers, the chandeliers visually determine the position of the tables.