Business Centre Tivoli

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1998-1999

offices and workspace

VB Nepremičnine, d.d.

on the site of the listed 1930’s building, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
1.975 m2

Building area
1.480 m2

Total floor area
10.492 m2

2 basements + ground floor + 5

reinforced concrete and steel

printed glass (street façade), reflective glass strips, mortar (plaza façade)

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Anton Žižek Gorazd Mihelj – Project leader)

The road-view deep wall façade of Business Centre Tivoli consist of three layers with the original 1932 image of Delavski Dom printed on the inner side of glass panels representing the outermost layer

The canyon serves as an in-between layer with thin red traverses reaching across it, linking the outermost layer with the innermost – the business premises façade. Technically speaking, the canyon wall of Business Centre Tivoli is a double skin façade measuring 100m x 21m with an in-between layer being a 4.3m wide canyon.

The architectural effect is achieved with varying the permeability, the colour and the material structure of three layers. Our perception compresses the three layers of the canyon wall forming a new, rich cinematic surface of the road-view façade with its special quality of integrating the original image of Delavski Dom.

We perceive the interface between the second and the third dimension, between surface and space. At certain times and certain weather the original image is clearly seen. Then it merges with the canyon and the inner façade. With the illumination at night-time it entirely disappears.