BTC Tower II

BTC, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007

mixed use

invited competition

BTC d.d.

BTC, Ljubljana

Site area
8.000 m2

Building area
1.065 m2

Total floor area
40.597 m2

3 basements + ground floor + 20

business premises, restaurants, wellness, boarding apartments

reinforced concrete structure, exterior ab columns

semi-structural façade, printed glazing

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Aleksander Lalić, Nataša Mrkonjić, Adrian Petrucelli)

Our proposal places the BTC Tower II on the given location at the western edge of BTC City in a way that creates a city park covering the remaining part of the lot. The park is a novelty in the area; it is the spatial element that would establish a new atmosphere of relaxation, retreat and pleasure in an oasis of green. Furthermore, the introduction of a park in the area of BTC City reflects a modern, environment-friendly and ‘city’ orientation of the company that manages it.

The park borders, on its western side, to what remains of the former industrial zone. The tendency of BTC City is to develop a mixed-up, but primarily residential area here, which would increase the degree of urban character in the City. The park therefore represents a transition between the residential quarter and the City.

The park is created in place of yet another commercial mall, otherwise proposed in the master plan of 10 m height on 2/3rds of the lot. The commercial programme is nevertheless present and is entirely concentrated on the ground-floor as well as the sixth and the upper floor of the 22- level tower, which represents the only building in the park. The restaurants and the bar extend from the ground-floor across a terrace onto a water mirror and into the park. The business premises with a stimulative arrangement possibility of one or several different companies on one level begin on the mezzanine floor. Further up, the business floor on the sixth level is interrupted by a large wellness club with an exterior garden. The top of the tower holds four boarding apartments, which open to all sides with airy terrace gardens.

The BTC Tower II is removed from all the main city streets and is situated within a built-up area of the city’s eastern part. Due to its height and form, it becomes a marker in the space of the city of Ljubljana. Perfectly symmetric and basically octagonal ground-plan of the tower changes vertically. Firstly, it broadens from the ground towards the 7th floor and then narrows from there towards the top. The exterior construction, pairs of white vertical lines separated by dark glass as well as a dynamic and changeable screen print on eight main vertical parts of the façade create a dynamic and elegant image, which is intensified by the reflection in the water mirror in which the tower stands.