Arcadia Lightwear Office and Exhibition Building

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1999-2000

mixed use

project commission

Arcadia, d.o.o.

Tržaška cesta 222, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
1.415 m2

Building area
637 m2

Total floor area
1.460 m2

groundfloor + 3 storeys

exhibition salon, storage, offices, loft apartment

reinforced concrete core, steel structure

prefabricated metal panels

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Dimitrij Mirah, Simona Muc)

Hisao Suzuki

The path for visitors and guests through the public grounds of the office exhibition building Arcadia lightwear is conducted in eight sequences, which differ in time span and manner of effect they have on the visitor.

Why conductance? Almost like in a movie, all elements effecting senses and stimulating certain experiences – like volume, space orientation and inclination, material treatment, light and sound intensity – are planed in sequences.

On his way through the building, the visitor experiences eight different effects in eight different sequences: approaching the building – floating of the black box effect; entrance – depth effect; entering reception room – light towers effect; in the reception room – 900 seconds of the Arcadia lightwear effect; approaching the gallery – photocell effect; the gallery – 90 seconds of the Arcadia lightwear effect; on to the terrace – fusion of natural and artificial light effect; terrace – effect of openness and airiness.