Aparthotel Villa Bellevue

Bled, Slovenia, 2006

leisure and sport

invited competition

Gradis Skupina G, Ljubljana

Bled, Slovenia

Site area
5.778 m2

Building area
1.673 m2


No of apartments

reinforced concrete skeleton

glass, wood ornamented panels

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Špela Štern, Miha Čebulj, Vita Kobal)

The volume of the new building is designed in accordance with the basing point of all the apartments having a view of at least one sight of the Bled panorama: the castle, lake, the church on the hill or the hill Osojnica. All the apartments in the Apart Hotel Villa Bellevue therefore, have attractive views assured.

The design of the complex, construction volumes, and the selected materials are based on the following decisions:

1. To preserve and renovate the villa, as it is significant to Bled, as well as the grove with the mighty trees.

2. To put up an object for riding between the lower and upper part, as well as a connection to the villa.

3. To deform a new construction volume all the apartments to have ideal views (matrix volume).

4. To form terraces as passages known as ‘gank’ with ornamented fences and shades that remind of typical elements of verandas on the Bled villas and that frame the space of terraces and the ‘gank’ passages just like linen roofs of the Bled ‘pletna’ boats.