Angel of History

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008

stage set

project commission

Ljubljana Festival

stage, Viba Film Studios

Site area
672 m2

Total floor area
10 m2

prefabricated plastic element

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Bor Pungerčič), Tomaž Brate, Nataša Prosenc (video)

The stage-set is composed of recycled plastic bottles, designed by Instant Architects, that won the prestigious ”Red Dot Award – Best of the best” in 2007. The bottles are engineered and designed to be used as construction elements in the event of a crisis scenario (war, drought, natural disasters…) filled with different materials (earth, sand, fur or feathers).

Since the content of the musical piece by Vinko Globokar interprets the dissolution of democracies, countries and the catastrophes that ensued, the United Bottle flask was used as the center-piece of the stage-set. These will be assembled into a partition composed of three prismatic volumes, which will prevent visual contact between the two facing halves of the audience, and at the same time serve as a tool for creating atmospheres via lightning effects on its surface, in accordance with the music. Towards the end of the second part of the concert, in the context of destruction of the main library of Sarajevo, the regulation of atmosphere by monochromatic light is replaced by a projection of the art video ‘’Vortex” (presented at the 1999 Venice Biennale of Art), by Natasa Prosenc, onto the installation surface.

Consisting of approximately 4600 recycled bottles, the stage-set is divided into three double prisms, which get symbolically de-constructed at the end of the concert, when each member of the audience will be able to remove a bottle from the stack and take it home as a fetish-souvenir. The remaining bottles will be transported to Venice in the summer, to be used in a new project, during the Architectural Biennale.

text by Tomaž Brate