Marand Village

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2017

office and workspace

project commission

Marand Inženiring d.o.o.

Koprska cesta 100, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Site area
12.018 m2

Building area
5.071 m2

Total floor area
12.954 m2


reinforced concrete, wood

glass blocks, profilit glass, perforated aluminum, metal lattice, wooden ceiling

SADAR+VUGA (Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Maja Omerzel, Matic Škarabot,  Matjaž Bahor)

The Marand Village, a vivid workspace dedicated to the software development company is situated at the very intersection of the industrial and residential areas of Ljubljana west. The pavilion design reflects both the village typology and the spacious volumes of the industrial complexes. Also, the design fulfill the demands of a mobile character of IT company workspace.

The rooftop is the elementary unit of the spatial concept. The exterior of the complex is defined by the multiplication of the units in phases. Reaching the final phase, the units add up to the village conglomerate which, in dialog with the hilly landscape accentuates and intensifies the neighborhood identity. In a similar manner, the roof design impacts interior – the light beams coming from the rooftop openings mark the atmosphere of the common areas or produce the soft, diffuse light for the working environment of the offices. The existing site is surrounded by the park and allees. The continuation of nature throughout the building is obtained with the floating roof and the numerous openings in the exterior walls directed toward the hilly garden and the existing park.

The five independent units are organized in a cluster and interconnect horizontally in a pavilion complex. Each pavilion unit is conditioned by the internal parameters (program-function-demands) and the external parameters (location-microclimate-communication). The horizontal organization of space is adaptable, to support dynamic work organization and different co-working environments.  The position of the pavilions on the site depends on the location parameters and the phase in which the pavilion is planned.