SOAG Building and New Sporsthall Extension Gent – construction site update

With the final shape of the semi-reflective concave facade finished, the new sports hall needs only a few more external finishing touches. Astonishing fast construction is going according to the plan and schedule. Simultaneously, interior and landscape are taking shape. We are anxiously anticipating the opening day of both buildings in Gent!

See more about both project here : SOAG, New Sportshall Extension.

ATCC is getting a new extension, so-called ATCC Annex, containing the same DNA record as its mother building.

Seven years after the completion of the mother building Air Traffic Control Center (ATCC) we propose the new extension annex center for air traffic control (Annex ATCC) on the land east of the current ATCC building.

The annex is designed in a similar way as the existing ATCC building. Therefore, the new annex also builds its character on the fact that there is an image in it, and at the same time, it does not repeat characteristics of the house that are predicted by its specific use. If the image of an existing house builds on the provision, the annex builds on camouflage, to visually minimize the presence of the object in the area.


Sadar+Vuga is participating in International exhibition Friends for Oris; a symbol of hope and optimism

Oris House of Architecture has invited more than 70 distinguished architects and photographs from all over the world, with whom they have collaborated on many occasions, to participate in the exhibition, which was stimulated by the global pandemic and devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb.

As a gesture of friendship and hope in a better future, we have chosen a model of the Liaunig Museum, Austria, from 2004. The Nehaus Liaunig Museum project was our contribution to an internationally invited competition for the great industrialist Mr. Liaunig. This enstranged object, which hibernates in winter, is said to have been dedicated to Liaunig’s collection of Austrian contemporary artists since 1945.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, 4 June at 6 p.m. at Oris House of Architecture in Zagreb.

Boštjan Vuga on RTV News discussing about the impact of coronavirus on urban planning, public health and physical distancing

Thought-provoking discussion touched important topics and many questions that started to appear during this specific time. The impact itself is largely depending on the time period of the epidemic. The longer it is going to last, the bigger effect it is going to have. The biggest change seems to be in the habits of working-modus operandi, in public health with physical and social distancing and in the change of designing a certain project with applying extra security zone that will allow a specific building to still function and be safe for people at the same time.

Watch the whole clip here: Impact of coronavirus pandemic with Boštjan Vuga

Nanoworld in the greenery of university center. New Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – The design concept of Sadar + Vuga was announced as the winning architectural solution

The winning solution was recognized as “innovative, attractive, recognizable, modern, but at the same time fully functional and above all justified by implementation”. The architectural design is primarily a reflection of what the faculty is doing today or what it means to teach future mechanical engineers. We considered how mechanics goes into nanotechnology, how a building should fit the meaning of the nanoscale as much as possible, and what the nanoscale looks like.

Although the new building, has extensive program and content, it does not function as a huge volume, as it is designed as a dynamic structure of horizontal planes, as a structure of cross-loaded panels of different sizes.


HISTORY OF THE FUTURE – Archetypes of Plečnik’s Architecture

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition History of the Future – Archetypes of Plečnik’s architecture, on Friday 7 February 2020, at 1.00 p.m., at the Plečnik’s House.

The exhibition will be opened by the Dean of Faculty of Architecture, assoc. Prof. Matej Blenkuš Ph.D., Prof. Jurij Sadar and Blaž Peršin, Director of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. The exhibition presents a series of photographs, axonometric drawings, and abstract models made from wood, epoxy resin, and plaster – of the so-called “archetypes” in which students condensed the ideas from selected examples of Plečnik’s architecture.

S+V Proposal for Renovation of Best Western Premier Hotel Slon Lobby

The space and interior of the Hotel Slon never had any spatial hierarchy. It never presented any special spatial sequences with specific viewpoints.

Our proposal for the new Hotel Slon Lobby divides the spatial experience into 3 sections: Podium, Friz and Grand shade. The central lobby space will change in height from 4,5m to 9,00m. This will be the first prominent lobby in the history of the hotel. The space with all these elements and carefully selected references from the 60s and 70s will paint an unforgettable image to anyone who will visit it.


Jurij Sadar’s Inaugural Lecture “History of the Future”

You are warmly welcomed to join the inaugural lecture of Assoc. prof. Jurij Sadar, entitled History of the Future before being elected as a Full Professor of Architecture. 

The lecture will be held on:

Thursday, 12th of December at 18.00

Vurnik Lecture Room, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana

Boštjan Vuga holds two lectures in Buenos Aires!

This time Boštjan is traveling far away abroad to hold lectures followed by discussion and an interview about the office’s work, agenda, and focus after 23 years since its establishment.

Firstly, Universidad Torcuta Di Tella, Escuela de Arquitectura invited Boštjan to present a review of SADAR+VUGA’s work. The lecture theme is porosity and will be held on Monday, 25. 11. at 7pm in the premises of the university.

Secondly. Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Buenos Aires Alain Brian Bergant and President of the United Slovenia Jure Komar invited him to lecture and talk for the Slovenian community in Argentina. The lecture will be on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 7pm at Slomšek’s home, Castelli 28, Ramos Mejía.

Both lectures are open to public but prior registration is needed. Welcome!

Chic,Cosmopolitan and Strong: New DCB Bussines Park

We were invited to design a new business center for the company DimnikCobau d.o.o. The DCB complex consists of three buildings with the DCB III being the main one.

The building is an example of how an architectural object can become a generator of progress and change in the wider urban scale of the city. Because of the design of window frames and shutters of the tower, which remind of classic architectural elements with the half-bow form, it is strong and cosmopolitan enough to become a new icon of the north-eastern part of Ljubljana. It becomes a new public area in the service-storage zone, lifted above the traffic space of the moto plaza.