Sadar+Vuga and the TREASURES collection hits the Salone del mobile Milan 2022!

Treasures is a family of individual pieces of furniture and useful objects that emerged alongside Sadar+Vuga’s various architectural and interior projects. Each object relates its own narrative, which evolved parallel to the object’s use and its interpretation of a characteristic Slovenian natural motif – like the magical Alpine lakes, the country’s highest mountain, the motif of the heart, and other elements of traditional craft. Their expression is straightforward, colorful, and unusual. They color the space around them as individual pieces, in pairs, or in groups.

SADAR+VUGA, ELEA iC: New Station Hall and Underpass for the Main Railway Station Ljubljana

The project is developing in cooperation between designers Sadar + Vuga, Elea iC, landscape Tektonika Collective and railway infrastructure designer Tiring.

The upgrade of the railway infrastructure in the area of ​​the Railway station Ljubljana consists of a new railway station hall, the reorganization of passenger and freight tracks with new covered platforms, refurbished and expanded underpassage, renovation of the early 20th century station building and the new green plazas on the eastern and western side.


SADAR+VUGA Proposals for the Clinic for Infectious Diseases UKC Ljubljana and The Main Bus Station Receive Honorable Mentions

The office received an honorable mention in a two-phase competition for the building of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Ljubljana. The project provided for the replacement of existing outdated clinic rooms and the addition of new, supplementary, and additional premises. Through spatial, structural, and logistical design, the building’s compact volume with an atrium ensures a modern, comfortable, and safe medical environment. More about the project: S+V Clinic for Infectious Diseases.

The Main Bus Station of Ljubljana is designed as an intermodal center connecting to the city center, which is enclosing waiting rooms, offices, etc. in an infrastructural volume north of the main railway.

RB Elipse: Start of the Construction Works

Standing by the Ljubljanica river eastside of Ljubljana city center, the Residential Building Elipse was designed to allocate 64 apartments joining direct vicinity of the city and the peaceful Golovec hill greenery. The project introduces dual character of the apartments by two newly implemented principles – you can read more about the project here:  RB Elipse.

Construction works have recently started with the preparation of the site and by now concrete works are in progress as well. We are looking forward to the process and curious to see the building finished.

Boštjan Vuga’s Inaugural Lecture »Porosity in Architecture«

You are warmly welcomed to join the inaugural lecture of Assoc. Prof. Boštjan Vuga, u.d.i.a., Grad. Dip. (AA) entitled “Porosity in Architecture” before being elected as a Full Professor of Architecture.

The lecture will be held on:

Tuesday, 16th of November at 18.00

Plečnik Lecture Room, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana

The lecture will also be accessible on the following Youtube link:


S+V receives ‘patinasti svinčnik’ award for the GZS building – 22 years after completion

Our office received ‘patinasti svinčnik’ for our first ever project: the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, awarded by the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia. The award is intended for the realization of a project of an older date whose quality planning and execution proved their timeless relevance.

More about the project of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia building and why it was chosen to be awarded.

Twin houses Sinja Gorica – construction site update

The Sinja Gorica houses, designed as »dreams« of a young, urban family and located in vicinity of the city, but inspired by well-known imagery and patterns of suburbia, are under construction. The neighbourhood of the five twin houses has started taking shape.

The concrete works are almost finished at the upper two houses, and ongoing at two out of three houses on the lower side of the area. As the main contours of the neighbourhood can already be seen, we are excitedly waiting for the next steps.

Read about the project: Twin houses Sinja Gorica

Boštjan Vuga teaching Diploma 5 at the AA London School of Architecture in 2022

Boštjan is returning to AA London School of Architecture in the third consecutive year of teaching at AA and the second year teaching DIP5 together with Gabu Heindl. This year DIP5 will focus on publicness, porosity, and place as starting points for architectural projects that respond to urgent issues of public interest in order to generate site-specific impact.

The Diploma will explore how porosity relates to the politics of architecture, considering how we might create porous interventions and what spatial effects these might generate in relation to social and environmental questions. One of the main questions: ‘How can we draw boundaries that are inclusive rather than exclusive?’

Read more: Diploma 5: Public Porous Placed! Exploring Openness through Boundaries

S+V: European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica 2025 Spatial Aspect collaboration

In June 2021 S+V completed a series of workshops, presentations, and dialogues of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025 Spatial Aspect in collaboration with several different participants.

The border area between Gorizia and Nova Gorica is an area with high development potential that can connect two cities, two regions, and two countries. The project brief proposes new design scenarios to ensure different possibilities and continuous development. ECC25 GO! is the momentum of development of this area.

More about the project: ECC GO! 2025

AA London School of Architecture exhibition 2021: Boštjan Vuga and Gabu Heindl tutoring Diploma 5

The AA London School of Architecture 2020-2021 exhibition includes the exhibition of Diploma 5, tutored by Boštjan Vuga and Gabu Heindl: »Porous! Public! Testing Democratic Public Space by Boundaries«. This year, DIP5 focused on burning issues of publicness in contemporary environments, and on site-specific architectural projects that impact and add public value to their context.

The exhibition is taking different shapes: physical in Bedford Square, UK, and virtual in the Projects Review website: Diploma 5 – REPUBLIC. The Projects Review links to the AR platform and the exhibition e-book, you can find projects’ films on the Cinema page.