S+V: European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica 2025 Spatial Aspect collaboration

In June 2021 S+V completed a series of workshops, presentations, and dialogues of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025 Spatial Aspect in collaboration with several different participants.

The border area between Gorizia and Nova Gorica is an area with high development potential that can connect two cities, two regions, and two countries. The project brief proposes new design scenarios to ensure different possibilities and continuous development. ECC25 GO! is the momentum of development of this area.

More about the project: ECC GO! 2025

AA London School of Architecture exhibition 2021: Boštjan Vuga and Gabu Heindl tutoring Diploma 5

The AA London School of Architecture 2020-2021 exhibition includes the exhibition of Diploma 5, tutored by Boštjan Vuga and Gabu Heindl: »Porous! Public! Testing Democratic Public Space by Boundaries«. This year, DIP5 focused on burning issues of publicness in contemporary environments, and on site-specific architectural projects that impact and add public value to their context.

The exhibition is taking different shapes: physical in Bedford Square, UK, and virtual in the Projects Review website: Diploma 5 – REPUBLIC. The Projects Review links to the AR platform and the exhibition e-book, you can find projects’ films on the Cinema page.

Skatepark Stožice – construction site update

The project of the new skatepark under the stands of the Stožice football stadium is getting its final shape. We can already show a hint of the atmosphere as the details and finishing touches of the mezzanine are coming together. Looking forward to seeing the park opened and in use!

More about the project: SKATEPARK STOŽICE

Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga received a »Guest of the Salon« Award at the 43rd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade for »Building T«

Building T – Faculty of Social Work in Ghent, Belgium, completed in 2020, is presented and exhibited at the 43rd Salon of Architecture in the Belgrade’s Museum of Applied Arts, where Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga received the »Guest of the Salon« Award. We were honored to participate and would like to thank the jury.

You can see the project here: Building T

S+V was a part of the “Living square” competitive dialogue 2019/2020: SNP Square and Kamenné námestie Bratislava

Our office participated in a competitive dialogue revitalizing three of the most important urban areas in Bratislava.

Our contribution builds on the comprehensive approach to designing the three attractors in the old part of the city – each representing a unique character of each of the squares and relating directly to the micro context of the city’s monument zone.

Emphasizing the different and unique characters, respecting the culture and heritage, it also provides a platform for contemporary activities and large events.

See our proposal.

HELGA presented at the »Future of living« exhibition in Vienna

Our wine rack Helga is presented in the selection of the products which have received »Made in Slovenia« mark of excellence. You can find the exhibition in Designforum Vienna until April 25th.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Catch a glimpse of the exhibition here.


The »edu.arh: Practices in Architectural Education« VIDEO of the guided tour of the exhibition is out!

Social distancing has in the past year shown its full extent: visiting exhibitions became impossible. The opening of the »edu.arh« exhibition in the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana is followed by a video of the guided tour of the exhibition, prepared by curators Boštjan Vuga and Danica Sretenović. Next up, a catalogue of the exhibition is to be published in March!


New video of the finished Building T is finally here!

The video of one of the two projects in Ghent (Building T – Faculty of Social Work, university HOGENT), finished in September 2020, is revealing everything we haven’t shared yet – from the city scale to the interior details.

Watch the video: BUILDING T, GHENT

Boštjan Vuga: “The role of an architect today is different than it was 30 years ago.”

As the Chief Curator of the exhibition »edu.arh: Practices in Architectural Education« in the Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana, Boštjan discusses the role of an architect in the society and the role of the Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana – which celebrated its centenary in 2020 – in an architect’s education.

Read the interview here.

Construction of the Skatepark Stožice has officially started

Unused parking garage under the stands of the football stadium is converted into a new Skatepark Stožice – finally, this is the first adaptive re-use in the Sports park Stožice, which uncovers alternative possibilities of generating new recreational, professional and social centers.

The construction of the skatepark has officialy begun in January 2021.

Find out more.