New video of the finished Building T is finally here!

The video of one of the two projects in Ghent (Building T – Faculty of Social Work, university HOGENT), finished in September 2020, is revealing everything we haven’t shared yet – from the city scale to the interior details.

Watch the video: BUILDING T, GHENT

Boštjan Vuga: “The role of an architect today is different than it was 30 years ago.”

As the Chief Curator of the exhibition »edu.arh: Practices in Architectural Education« in the Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana, Boštjan discusses the role of an architect in the society and the role of the Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana – which celebrated its centenary in 2020 – in an architect’s education.

Read the interview here.

Construction of the Skatepark Stožice has officially started

Unused parking garage under the stands of the football stadium is converted into a new Skatepark Stožice – finally, this is the first adaptive re-use in the Sports park Stožice, which uncovers alternative possibilities of generating new recreational, professional and social centers.

The construction of the skatepark has officialy begun in January 2021.

Find out more.

Boštjan Vuga at the AA London School of Architecture in 2020

From teaching the Diploma 13: ‘Porosities: The Giardini della Biennale as a Metaproject’ in 2019 as an AA Alumni, he continues teaching this year’s AA Diploma 5: ‘Porous! Public! Democratic Public Space by Boundaries’ together with Gabu Heindl.

DIP5 focuses on design interventions that respond to the burning issues of public interest in our contemporary environment. It interrogates connections between spatial and socio-political categories, drawing from the hypothesis that porosity is a link and a method to contest and establish different boundaries.

More about the topic:
Gabu Heindl and Boštjan Vuga, who teach the new unit ‘Porous! Public!’ discuss utopian pragmatism, porosity and public space

New Building for the Faculty of Social Work (Building T) and New Sportshall Extension in Ghent – project completion in September 2020

Eight years after winning an Open Call invited competition, the project of the HOGENT SOAG Building and the extension of the Sports Hall has come to an end. In September 2020 both buildings were successfully finished according to plan, handed over for use to the clients, and are already inhabiting numerous activities.

See more about both projects here: “Building T”, New Sportshall Extension.

S+V wins 3rd Prize for the urban development of »Piazza Transalpina/Trg Evrope «

We won the 3rd Prize for the urban regeneration project; connecting the two cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica by designing a common central area: » the Europe Square – Piazzale Della Transalpina (Trg Evrope) and the transcultural hub EPICenter. «

Our contribution builds on the reuse of the magnificent railway station building which is now mainly unused. Development of the multipurpose large piazza in front of it where the borderline between the two countries is blurred. The project is our contribution to the candidature of the GO 2025 Culture Capital Nova Gorica/Gorizia.

Urban strategy for the border zone between Italian Gorizia and Slovenian Nova Gorica is to be implemented in three steps: 1. Reuse of train station, renovation of plaza, the establishment of the urban axis, 2. Green axis – longitudinal park, 3. Activating the border – nodes.

SOAG Building and New Sporsthall Extension Gent – construction site update

With the final shape of the semi-reflective concave facade finished, the new sports hall needs only a few more external finishing touches. Astonishing fast construction is going according to the plan and schedule. Simultaneously, interior and landscape are taking shape. We are anxiously anticipating the opening day of both buildings in Gent!

See more about both project here : SOAG, New Sportshall Extension.

ATCC is getting a new extension, so-called ATCC Annex, containing the same DNA record as its mother building.

Seven years after the completion of the mother building Air Traffic Control Center (ATCC) we propose the new extension annex center for air traffic control (Annex ATCC) on the land east of the current ATCC building.

The annex is designed in a similar way as the existing ATCC building. Therefore, the new annex also builds its character on the fact that there is an image in it, and at the same time, it does not repeat characteristics of the house that are predicted by its specific use. If the image of an existing house builds on the provision, the annex builds on camouflage, to visually minimize the presence of the object in the area.


Sadar+Vuga is participating in International exhibition Friends for Oris; a symbol of hope and optimism

Oris House of Architecture has invited more than 70 distinguished architects and photographs from all over the world, with whom they have collaborated on many occasions, to participate in the exhibition, which was stimulated by the global pandemic and devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb.

As a gesture of friendship and hope in a better future, we have chosen a model of the Liaunig Museum, Austria, from 2004. The Nehaus Liaunig Museum project was our contribution to an internationally invited competition for the great industrialist Mr. Liaunig. This enstranged object, which hibernates in winter, is said to have been dedicated to Liaunig’s collection of Austrian contemporary artists since 1945.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, 4 June at 6 p.m. at Oris House of Architecture in Zagreb.

Boštjan Vuga on RTV News discussing about the impact of coronavirus on urban planning, public health and physical distancing

Thought-provoking discussion touched important topics and many questions that started to appear during this specific time. The impact itself is largely depending on the time period of the epidemic. The longer it is going to last, the bigger effect it is going to have. The biggest change seems to be in the habits of working-modus operandi, in public health with physical and social distancing and in the change of designing a certain project with applying extra security zone that will allow a specific building to still function and be safe for people at the same time.

Watch the whole clip here: Impact of coronavirus pandemic with Boštjan Vuga