Glossary exhibition: Porosity and Protoelements taking part on Plečnik and Contemporaneity

Glossary is an exhibition project inspired by reflections on the significance of Plečnik’s work for the present day. Different authors – architects, artists, curators, designers, philosophers, landscape architects – were asked to propose a term, its definition, and a visual contribution that captures the question How do we think, interpret, and live Plečnik today?

SADAR studio project The History of the Future. Archetypes of Plečnik’s Architecture, addresses the idea of the PROTOELEMENT in the context of architecture that could be understood as the original constituent, the essence, the “protoform” that constitutes a larger whole – a work of architecture, and yet it can also appear on its own, free of its context, materiality and scale.
Studio project on display was mentored by Jurij Sadar and Ana Kreč at School of Architecture, University of Ljubljana in academic year 2017/18.

VUGA investigates POROSITY as a measure of void spaces in physical matter. The more porous an object of architecture the more inclusive its impact on different audiences and the more consequential its public character. Plečnik’s works constitute a new, human-scale urban public space. These porous spaces provide for the plurality of individual experience and stimulate our desire for exploration and active participation.
Visual reference on display: Sadar+Vuga, Butchers’ Bridge, competition project, model, 2009.

Very welcome to encounter Plečnik’s original work and projections through the eyes of contemporary practitioners and theorists in the context of our day and age. Visit City Museum of  Ljubljana till February 2023!

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