Boštjan Vuga at the AA London School of Architecture in 2020

From teaching the Diploma 13: ‘Porosities: The Giardini della Biennale as a Metaproject’ in 2019 as an AA Alumni, he continues teaching this year’s AA Diploma 5: ‘Porous! Public! Democratic Public Space by Boundaries’ together with Gabu Heindl.

DIP5 focuses on design interventions that respond to the burning issues of public interest in our contemporary environment. It interrogates connections between spatial and socio-political categories, drawing from the hypothesis that porosity is a link and a method to contest and establish different boundaries.

More about the topic:
Gabu Heindl and Boštjan Vuga, who teach the new unit ‘Porous! Public!’ discuss utopian pragmatism, porosity and public space

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