Helga and Bled finally available!

We are extremely pleased to offer two items from the Treasures collection for purchase. The golden Bled coffee table and the green Helga wine rack are available neatly packed at € 990 each.
Please write if interested biro@sadarvuga.com

We wish you many secret Treasures and a year full of Follies!

Happy 2023!

THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: Elements of Plečnik’s Architecture

The Plečnik Year is coming to an end with the publication of a new book entitled THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: The Elements of Plečnik’s Architecture and a temporary exhibition of the same name. The exhibition at Plečnik’s newsagents in Prešeren Square will be open from  December 10, 2022 – February 6, 2023.

Presentation of the book and discussion with the authors of the texts, Prof. Dr. Aleš Vodopivec, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petr Šenek, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miloš Kosec, Prof. Jurij Sadar, photographer Matevž Paternoster and students of the Sadar Seminar, will be moderated by the editor of the book, asst. Ana Kreč, and asst. Uroš Mikanovič.

The event will take place on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 16.00 at the Plečnik House.
The book is co-published by MGML and UL Faculty of Architecture (FA-ZA publishing) under the collection Proces.

You are most cordially invited!

RB Elipse before the cladding

The last view on raw construction before facade elements get installed.
Find out more about the project.

w/ GregorcVrhovec Arhitekti

Plečnik Now! Exploring Public Space and Urban Porosity

On Friday November 4 , a high-profile event dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the architect Jože Plečnik took place in Berlin. SKICA Berlin, in cooperation with Joerg Gleiter and Birgit Klauck (Technische Universität Berlin and Institut für Architektur respectively) and the President of the Plečnik Foundation, Bostjan Vuga, organised a truly magnificent international symposium on Plečnik entitled Plečnik Now! Maja Vardjan, Maruša Zorec, Bostjan Vuga, Jürgen Mayer H, Luka Skansi, Olaf Nicolai and Joerg Gleiter presented their views on Plečnik and discussed contemporary aspects of Plečnik’s architecture, public space and urban porosity, as well as the so-called “uncanny” aspect in his work.

The symposium questions if Plečnik is up-to-date as a role model for Human Centered Urban Design. What can we learn from Plečnik?

Very welcome to watch the symposium .

Best window in town

Welcome to Design of the City festival! Find us on the Ljubljana city map under location 55!

Don’t miss Nama store display window on Slovenska cesta, where you can wow our new product design collections Treasures and Follies till November 2, 2022. Alternatively you can test the Triglav, Julijci, Bohinj and Bled furniture pieces live on the first floor of the department store.

Be most cordially invited!

We are expanding

We are on the lookout  for one junior and one senior architect from EU to join our ranks.
We use Rhino, AutoCAD, Adobe environment and print 3D models.
If you are interested send your cv and sign up for an interview work@sadarvuga.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sadar + Vuga welcomes you to meet TREASURES  and FOLLIES at Zagreb Design Week 6.-11.9.2022.

Treasures and Follies are latest design projects by Sadar+Vuga architects.

Treasures is a family of furniture and useful objects that emerged alongside various architectural and interior projects. Follies is a series of products made in the office as an independent design project.
While they are all functional pieces, their defining essence lies in their suggestive, enchanting look and feel. Taken individually or in numbers, they happily inhabit the home, office, or public spaces and lend the space a sense of individual character, filling it with colour and personality.

Save the date 6.-11. 9. 2022 and visit us at Zagreb Design Week central location, Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Ilica 85, Zagreb.

Glossary exhibition: Porosity and Protoelements taking part on Plečnik and Contemporaneity

Glossary is an exhibition project inspired by reflections on the significance of Plečnik’s work for the present day. Different authors – architects, artists, curators, designers, philosophers, landscape architects – were asked to propose a term, its definition, and a visual contribution that captures the question How do we think, interpret, and live Plečnik today?

SADAR studio project The History of the Future. Archetypes of Plečnik’s Architecture, addresses the idea of the PROTOELEMENT in the context of architecture that could be understood as the original constituent, the essence, the “protoform” that constitutes a larger whole – a work of architecture, and yet it can also appear on its own, free of its context, materiality and scale.
Studio project on display was mentored by Jurij Sadar and Ana Kreč at School of Architecture, University of Ljubljana in academic year 2017/18.

VUGA investigates POROSITY as a measure of void spaces in physical matter. The more porous an object of architecture the more inclusive its impact on different audiences and the more consequential its public character. Plečnik’s works constitute a new, human-scale urban public space. These porous spaces provide for the plurality of individual experience and stimulate our desire for exploration and active participation.
Visual reference on display: Sadar+Vuga, Butchers’ Bridge, competition project, model, 2009.

Very welcome to encounter Plečnik’s original work and projections through the eyes of contemporary practitioners and theorists in the context of our day and age. Visit City Museum of  Ljubljana till February 2023!

Jurij Sadar’s Studio at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana received the Golden Strawberry Award for Best Studio Exhibition

On Thursday, June 2, at the grand opening of the annual review exhibition at Faculty of Architecture University of Ljubljana titled “Prostor je naš/ The space is ours”, the Golden Strawberry Award was presented for the best exhibition group selected by an expert jury. The setting up of exhibitions at the Faculty of Architecture has a long tradition, and the award was presented for the first time ever this year. The winner is Jurij Sadar’s Studio for the research project: SLOVENIAN DREAMS: The ugliness and comfort of a one-family house.