The King’s House opens to public

The renovation of the King’s House focuses on the architectural qualities of the 1930ies aristocratic mansion. The mansion character, significantly altered in 1970ies has evolved into a conglomerate of the additions that took away authentic qualities of the building, making it less monumental, oddly proportioned and at points unfunctional. The renovation strips down the altered state of the house to its bare essentials. Further on the project relies on the fundamentals neglected over the years – the construction grid of the roof, the concrete vaulting, rich stucco and frescoes.


Miami stairs design

The office received a commission to design a staircase in a villa located in Miami Indians Creek Island. The pattern design that encloses the stairs is inspired by the typical Miami Art Deco aesthetics. At the same time, the pattern provides the stairs structural frame. The 2D – 3D idea of the villa signature pattern is translated to 3D design for the stairs. The staircase architecture appears not only as a utilitarian element which connects two levels within the house but as the playful sculpture that fragments the movements of the house inhabitants.

SADAR+VUGA and ARTECH proposal for Urania Hotel Resort won the invited competition

SADAR+VUGA and local partner Artech d.o.o have been awarded the first prize for the Urania Hotel Resort in Baška Voda, Croatia.

The design of the contemporary Mediterranean hotel is founded on the spacious exterior ambiances, united under the pergola to frame unique site flora and specific views. A wander around the site will reveal the sequence of distinct atmospheres that define the new character by exposing existing – pine wood shade and scent, the rough mountain Biokovo, the infinity of the sea horizon.

SOAG Concrete Works Accomplished

The concrete works phase of New Building for the Study of Social Work has been accomplished. Heading to the next phases, two sceneries of the construction site were captured lately: skylight enters the two atriums and the mock-up tests the fiber-glass lamellas which will wrap the building.

SADAR+VUGA and Šabec Kalan Šabec architects receive the 2nd prize for the Prison Complex Dobrunje

The competition entry is built upon the ideas of integration and inclusion. On the outer side, the Human Prison is a meadow with the fruit trees, which determines the atmosphere and the character of the new 21st-century prison. Such prison combines the safety, operability and efficiency of the airport terminal with an atmosphere of rehabilitation centers.

The Interior of the Year Award

SADAR+VUGA claimed excellency in interior design the second year in a row! The Month of Design Ljubljana awarded The Lobby renovation for the Bank of Slovenia with the Interior of the Year Award. On the occasion of the award, Tina Hočevar presented the project on the Slovenian national television programme Odmevi from 31st minute on. The reconstruction of the previously monofunctional bank hall into a diverse work environment encourages the dynamic possibilities of a public square.

Day of Architects : Boštjan Vuga presenting Reuse of Home of Revolution project

On Friday, October 13, Boštjan Vuga will present the project Reuse of Home of Revolution at the MAO. The lecture opens the programme of Day of Architects 2017: Settlement of the monuments. The project won the first prize at the international competition in Nikšić, Montenegro in 2015 and was selected to contribute to the second edition of Chicago Architectural Biennal in 2017. It will be introduced to the Slovenian public for the first time. The multilayered map drawing of the project is currently featured in the Chicago Architectural Biennal.

S+V XX screening at Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

On Sunday, October 8, Damjan Kozole’s SADAR+VUGA XX documentary premieres in Netherlands at the ninth edition of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. AFFR promotes S+V XX as the movie essay on one of the most influential offices in Slovenia that inspires a universal debate on the relationship between film, cities, and architecture. Find out more about the event here


S+V XX screening and a discussion at Oris House of Architecture

On September 21, the Oris House of Architecture promotes Damjan Kozole’s Sadar+Vuga XX documentary. The screening in Zagreb, Croatia is followed by the discussion with Boštjan Vuga and Oris’ editor Maroje Mrduljaš. Find out more about the event here


The drawing: Reuse of Home of Revolution a joint contribution of SADAR+VUGA, HHF and Dijana Vučinić to the CAB

SADAR+VUGA, HHF, and Dijana Vučinić present the map drawing of the project Reuse of Home of Revolution in Nikšić Montenegro at Chicago Architectural Biennal, Make New History from September 2017 through January 2018. The map drawing of 3.8m x 2,5m consists of three layers which construct the history of the site: the first layer is the ground floor construction drawing by Marko Mušič, upon which a construction of the building started in 1978. The second layer represents the mapping of the unfinished construction site/ruin in 2016 which serves as the base for the 3rd layer of current reuse proposal. The drawing depicts the building transformation from the unfinished construction site to the safe, covered public space.