Center of Science is a Market of Science

We designed the Center of Science Ljubljana as a large covered »market place of knowledge«, as a place of production, innovation, presentation, and knowledge sharing, as a place of socializing and relaxing.

Key words: presentation of knowledge, knowledge exchange, knowledge market

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Construction of Sports Hall Extension has officially started

While the construction of the SOAG building, Faculty Of Social Work is nearly finished, the second out of three projects in the context of the masterplan for the Clean Marsen campus has officially begun.

The new sports hall will become a northern gate to the campus. The project takes advantage of the existing structure: what is there already should be reused and adapted with minimum interventions.

The works of Sports Hall began with the preparation of the site and with the start of the removal of core space at the end of the existing building. More of the picture gallery follows soon.

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Boštjan Vuga at Museum Of Architecture and Design

The day after the closing of the exhibition “Towards concrete utopia, architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980”, on display in New York, a remarkable exhibition on the architecture of socialist Yugoslavia is also symbolically closing in Ljubljana, in the MAO.

At the closing events, architects, art historians, theoreticians in researchers will spread out about the extensive architectural in the memorial legacy of socialist Yugoslavia. Boštjan Vuga will participate in conversation: Architecture in Yugoslavia, dreams, destruction and legacy.

The discussion will take place on Monday, January 14th at 14:00.

S+V Awarded Competiton Proposal for Maremonti Turist Resort in Čajn

Sadar+Vuga has been invited to participate in a competition to design a new resort on the Montenegrin coast that will transform small tourist place Čanj in a new modern chic location.

All contents in the project are carefully designed and distributed, bearing in mind the climatic and topographic characteristics of the site. The Maremonti resort complex also consists of several micro ambients that create the impression of compact and harmonious, and at the same time very distinctive units. It is precisely the diversity of the ambiance that gives character to this settlement – the moderation and shade of the Mediterranean forest on the one hand, and on the other hand the attractiveness of contemporary and diverse program.

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The Supreme Court and School of Magistrates is finally in progress

After winning the International competition in 2015 the project is finally in progress – Sadar+Vuga and the local partners PRG*B R have been awarded first prize in 2015 for the new Headquarters for the Supreme Court and School of Magistrates in Tirana, Albania. The proposal converts an existing 3.000 m2 historic building to be used for judicial offices and administration, a new addition of four pavilion-like courtrooms in the nature, and the education block for the School of Magistrates. Together these three structures will become mechanisms of justice, efficiency and transparency.

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03_Render_Hiša Roška

Introducing … the Residential building ELIPSE

Publishing for the first time the new residential building arising in the near future just outside the Ljubljana city center, under Ljubljana castle and Golovec hill. Its elliptical shape and dual character is the answer to the spatial characteristics of the location – on the north the building is closing with inside loggias that provide more privacy due to neighboring buildings, on the south the building is opening with large weaving and overlapping balconies towards Golovec greenery.

With Gregorc/Vrhovec arhitekti

Rendering: 3Design

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SOAG Gent in progress …

With shading lamellas wrapping the building, the interior of the new building for the Study of Social Work in Gent is taking shape. Looking forward to more details …

You can learn more about the project, developed in collaboration with LENS°ASS at

Boštjan Vuga’s studio Giardini of Venice at Politecnico di Milano

Boštjan Vuga is invited to teach at Polytechnic University of Milan as the International Guest Professor. The studio will focus on RE-USE OF THE NATIONAL EXHIBITION PAVILIONS and will map the architectural qualities of the pavilions in the Giardini. Based on the re-use approach, design projects for the pavilions will be proposed, which aim to transform the Giardini in a all-year-round open, freely accessible, attractive neighbourhood of Venice.


Smichov Primary School

Our proposal for the new Smichov primary school is based on three starting points: first, the school interior is developed as a learning-scape, set between five deep walls with niches and cuts; second, the school has a dual character, permeable towards west and east, unveiling events in the school towards the public park and the sports ground, and porous, as a sequence of the deep walls towards south and north; third, primary school becomes a community center of the Smichov neighborhood.

More about the project can be found here.

Flirtatious architecture – Zavod Big on HSV apartment with Boštjan Vuga. 6 years after!

How did you define the objective of this project? Did the client already know what atmosphere he wanted to live in or did you assist him in this respect?

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