Boštjan Vuga Interview for Sirp: Unfinished architecture and adaptive use

Interview by Eve Komp

After holding a lecture for the department of architecture of Estonian Academy of Arts, Boštjan Vuga gave an interview for Sirp (Estonian Online Magazine) about the revitalization of abandoned constructions. After economic crises in 2009, Vuga has been interested in the state of unfinishedness and thinking about architecture as constant process.

Could it be possible to draw lines between abondoness in Estonia, given the fact that it has similarities with Slovenian recent history? And for example, what kind of solutions could be applied for empty Linnahall building?

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Tina Hočevar for Ambienti TV Show on apartment renovation for which SADAR+VUGA received the prize for the private interiors for 2016

The apartment at Kongres square in Ljubljana is one of the most unusual. If we would like to briefly describe it, we should emphasize the PRONOUNCED DUALITY of this home – the larger part is a kind of industrial loft, and its opposite is the interpretation of the former bourgeois salon.

You can learn more about the project here.

Outfit7’s New Instagenic Workplace

Sadar+Vuga has been invited to a competition to design new office floor for one of the fastest growing multinational entertainment companies on the planet – Outfit7. So creating a new office floor for Outfit7 was a challenging opportunity – to produce an environment inspiring, daring and inventive enough to facilitate such a breakthrough.

The new office floor becomes a ‘brand space’ for Outfit7, providing a means of identification and belonging to and for the people who work there. It will serve to be ‘instagenic,’ since photos of the office space will also be used as a tool for recruiting new employees.


Dual character of AM House

AM House is placed on a large piece of land of Dolnje Visoko settlement in Vitovlje area in the lower part of Vipava valley. Its dynamic design is created by volumes, walls and flat roofs. The design of the house is associated with the diversity of typical Karst and Vipava villages. It follows the morphology of the village or the settlement in which it stands.

The house is designed to be closed against the winds from the north/northeast and the road. It opens towards the south and overlooks the valley and hills to the east, which gives the house such a distinctively dual character.

More about the project can be found here.

SOAG Glass Façade and Atmospheric Atriums are Taking Shape

With the concrete works finished, the glass façade of the exterior and the atmospheric character of round atriums connecting the floors are taking shape. Looking forward seeing shading lamellas wrapping the building’s volume and more detailed interior works in the next phase.

You can learn more about the project, developed in collaboration with LENS°ASS at


Boštjan Vuga at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn on Reuse of unfinished construction sites

The Open Lecture Series brought to Tallinn Boštjan Vuga to talk about possible future of construction sites that have turned into urban ruins due to economic or political crisis. On 22nd March at the architecture and urban design department of the Estonian Academy of Arts Boštjan Vuga held a lecture REUSE : RUINS : CONSTRUCTION SITES on two unfinished projects – Sports Park Stožice in Ljubljana and Home of Revolution in Nikšić, Montenegro.

More about the lecture at the Open Lecture Series can be found here.

Home of Revolution transformation starts today!

The first out of five construction phases that will transform the Home of Revolution into safe, covered, public space officially started today! The beginning of the works is announced this afternoon by the Montenegrin Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Mayor of Niksic. The works of the unfinished construction site began with the removal of the kiosks. The removal of the unsafe blue glazing follows soon.

The Reuse of Home of Revolution project is developed by SADAR+VUGA, HHF Architects, and Dijana Vučinić. Photo: Bošković & Associates d.o.o and Julien Lanoo

Boštjan Vuga’s studio Planting Publicness at Politecnico di Milano

Boštjan Vuga is invited to teach at the M.I.A.W Living Periphery programme currently held at the Politecnico di Milano as the International Guest Professor. The studio focuses on the transformation of Milano’s Bovisa train station area. The central theme of the Bovisa studio is Planting Publicness.

Helga, wine bottle holder

Just before 2017 wraps up, to celebrate what passed and to welcome all the future possibilities we introduce the office newborn creation Helga to you. The Helga curvy appearance has a function to keep safe and sound one of the most precious ingredient of the festive atmosphere – wine. Cheers!

Berlin S+V XX Premiere

Save the date! Sadar+Vuga XX documentary is coming to Berlin next Thursday, December 14 at 7 PM! Ulrich Muller and Architektur Galerie Berlin host the screening of the film followed by a talk with Jürgen Mayer H. and Bostjan Vuga. The event is kindly supported by the Embassy of Slovenia in Berlin.