SADAR+VUGA was founded by Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga in Ljubljana in 1996. Over nearly two decades it has focused on open, innovative and integral architectural design and urban planning.

The office has been driven by a quest for quality, with a strong belief that forward-leaping architectural production contributes to our well-being, and generates a sensitive and responsive development of the physical context we live in, broadening our imagination and stimulating our senses.

The portfolio of built work ranges from innovative town planning to public space sculpture, from interactive new public buildings to interventions within older existing structures.

The client base reflects the diversity of built and project experience. Ranging from Municipal Councils and Central Government, encompassing national and private arts bodies and multinationals to the best developers in Slovenia and abroad.

SADAR+VUGA designs extended living areas in residential buildings, guided by the culture and climate of the place. SADAR+VUGA shapes interior environments that respond to very personal tastes and desires. Instead of simply creating objects and spaces for pre-formulated life-styles, SADAR+VUGA’s projects challenge our perception and trigger our new spatial experience.

SADAR+VUGA’s projects forego adhering to a homogeneus visual and formal language and style. Each of them is developed from precise interpretation of client’s contextual, programmatic and pragmatic constraints.

With the projects and urban studies the architects at SADAR+VUGA intervene in the political and decision-making processes. They believe that architecture should not merely function as a design object, but also be a means to shape and change social space: they want to make us look at the world in a different way, so that we can also act differently in it.

“Our architectural production can be defined as: intentionally imperfect and awkward, robust, and ambiguous, intentionally incoherent and contradictory, where a single architectural project can be described as both monumental and informal at the same time.”

Boštjan Vuga

Boštjan Vuga studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and at the AA School of Architecture in London. In 1996 he founded SADAR+VUGA architectural office along with Jurij Sadar.

Boštjan Vuga has taught at the Berlage Institute Rotterdam, the IAAC Barcelona, the Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana, TU Berlin, MSA Muenster, Technischen Universitat Graz, Politecnico di Milano, Confluence School of Architecture, Lyon. He is appointed associate professor for architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He was a visiting critic at AA London, the Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau, the ETH in Zürich, Leopold-Franzens-Univeristat Innsbruck, EIA Ecole D’ingenieurs et d’architectes Fribourg, the Academy of Visual Arts Vienna among others. Currently he is a Unit Master at Diploma Programme at the AA London.

He regularly lectures at architectural schools, conferences, and symposia in Slovenia and abroad. He publishes articles about current issues in architecture and urban planning. He edited several publications, among them the Plecnik 2007 issue for AB Architectural Bulletin and series of publications for TU Berlin.

Boštjan Vuga participated as a co-curator at the Montenegro Pavilion, at the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture , Venice 2014.

From 2014 to 2018 he has been a president of the council of the MAO Museum of Architecture and Design of Slovenia.

Jurij Sadar

Jurij Sadar graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (1987), and worked as an independent architect until 1993. From 1993 to 1997 he worked as assistant professor at the same faculty. He is the cofounder of architectural office SADAR+VUGA.

He lectures at architectural schools, conferences and symposia in Slovenia and abroad, among others Piran Days of Architecture, SCI – ARCH Los Angeles, New trends of Architecture Tokyo and Melbourne, UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design Los Angeles, Skulptur Projekte Münster, Tsingula University Bejing, BauWelt Münich, Malta Design Week, Skopje Architecture Week, Kotor Architectural Summer School, Semaine Internationale d’architecture in Nancy and School for architecture Hunan University Changsha.

Jurij Sadar is currently a regular professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.

Current team

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Maja Omerzel


Matjaž Bahor


Monika Rus


Petko Grabljič


Belen Villán Fernández


Silvia Torano Pereda


Neža Lazar


Andreja Dežman



Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at SADAR+VUGA. We are always on the lookout for designers with exceptional talent in architectural design, documentation, 3D modeling and rendering. EU citizenship is preferable, but not mandatory.

To apply

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We review applications fortnightly, so applicants should expect to receive a response within two weeks. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we do not contact unsuccessful applicants – apologies. Interviews shall be arranged in person or on SKYPE.