Flirtatious architecture – Zavod Big on HSV apartment with Boštjan Vuga. 6 years after!

How did you define the objective of this project? Did the client already know what atmosphere he wanted to live in or did you assist him in this respect?

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Boštjan Vuga as one of the keynote speaker at EAAE Anual Conference + General Assembly 2018 in Porto (August 29 to September 1).

This conference is framed as Design Studio – a laboratory for interactions between architectural education and society. The participants are invited to question, inquire and debate the relationship between architectural education and society …

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Boštjan Vuga v pogovoru za Val 202 v včerajšnji oddaji K BETONSKI UTOPIJI? med drugim o inovativnosti arhitekture v bivši Jugoslaviji …

” /…/ Arhitektura 60ih in 70ih let je bila smatrana kot inovativna in priznana že v tistem času – s strani, recimo v francoskem L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui ali The Architecture Review – arhitektura, ki si upa. Ki kaže na to “mi si upamo graditi”. Torej znotraj okolja, ki je bilo kljub vsemu bolj (gradbeno) zaprto, kot je zahodno okolje, so v bistvu arhitekti za to, da so naredili določeno stvar ali določen detajl, ki bi ga, če poenostavim, na zahodu kupili v trgovini, so si ga tukaj morali izmislit. In ker so si ga morali izmislit, je ta inovativnost prešla od koncepta do najmanjšega detajla. Zato je recimo na Miheličevi stolpnici na Bavarskem dvoru ta fasada enkraten produkt. To ni nekaj, kar kupiš iz kataloga, ampak je enkraten produkt. /…/ In to inovativnost je stroka oz. takratna produkcija, ki je stala za tem, tudi podprla.”

Celoten pogovor je na voljo tukaj.

Jurij Sadar for RTV’s Culture of Living (Kultura bivanja) on King’s House for Golf Course Bled for which Sadar+Vuga received Plečnik Medal nomination

The building was thoroughly renovated last year, becoming the most prestigious golf clubhouse in the region. It is designed as a mix of different atmospheres that will allow the visitors functional comfort and enjoyment in rich, bright and relaxing ambients.

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Sadar+Vuga XX full documentary available

Full documentary film Sadar+Vuga XX by studio Vertigo now available on Vimeo upon password request for culture / educational purposes …

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for news about future worldwide screenings.

King’s House Nominated for Plečnik Award 2018

SADAR+VUGA received a Nomination for Plečnik Award 2018 for the Renovation of King’s House on Golf course Bled. On the occasion of the today’s exhibition opening at Dessa gallery, Boštjan Vuga presented the project.

Boštjan Vuga Interview for Sirp: Unfinished architecture and adaptive use

Interview by Eve Komp

After holding a lecture for the department of architecture of Estonian Academy of Arts, Boštjan Vuga gave an interview for Sirp (Estonian Online Magazine) about the revitalization of abandoned constructions. After economic crises in 2009, Vuga has been interested in the state of unfinishedness and thinking about architecture as constant process.

Could it be possible to draw lines between abondoness in Estonia, given the fact that it has similarities with Slovenian recent history? And for example, what kind of solutions could be applied for empty Linnahall building?

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Tina Hočevar for Ambienti TV Show on apartment renovation for which SADAR+VUGA received the prize for the private interiors for 2016

The apartment at Kongres square in Ljubljana is one of the most unusual. If we would like to briefly describe it, we should emphasize the PRONOUNCED DUALITY of this home – the larger part is a kind of industrial loft, and its opposite is the interpretation of the former bourgeois salon.

You can learn more about the project here.

Outfit7’s New Instagenic Workplace

Sadar+Vuga has been invited to a competition to design new office floor for one of the fastest growing multinational entertainment companies on the planet – Outfit7. So creating a new office floor for Outfit7 was a challenging opportunity – to produce an environment inspiring, daring and inventive enough to facilitate such a breakthrough.

The new office floor becomes a ‘brand space’ for Outfit7, providing a means of identification and belonging to and for the people who work there. It will serve to be ‘instagenic,’ since photos of the office space will also be used as a tool for recruiting new employees.


Dual character of AM House

AM House is placed on a large piece of land of Dolnje Visoko settlement in Vitovlje area in the lower part of Vipava valley. Its dynamic design is created by volumes, walls and flat roofs. The design of the house is associated with the diversity of typical Karst and Vipava villages. It follows the morphology of the village or the settlement in which it stands.

The house is designed to be closed against the winds from the north/northeast and the road. It opens towards the south and overlooks the valley and hills to the east, which gives the house such a distinctively dual character.

More about the project can be found here.