vuga 13/07/2015

KotorAPSS 2015

Boštjan Vuga from Sadar+Vuga will present recent projects of the office at the Kotor APSS forum 2015 in Montenegro.

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view r2 dolgi zid news 20/05/2015

ORLE House

SADAR+VUGA has designed a vacation house with open views towards the valley and mountains.


svesmi 1 07/05/2015

Conference: The Future of Urbanism

will moderate the conference

in Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana 

FRIDAY, MAY 15 - 09:00 

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pogled 04   hotelska vila kontekst 26/03/2015

Petal Villas

SADAR+VUGA is developing six individual villas as well as a hotel, in collaboration with three European and two Chinese Offices. This is part of a development Masterplan in Chongqing, a city in China's southwest interior.

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sepia news photo 17/03/2015

Dental clinic SEPIA

SADAR+VUGA has recently completed a dental clinic on the fourteenth floor of the tower in Bavarski dvor, Ljubljana for a private client.

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modular house sv N1 11/03/2015

Modular prefabricated house S+V

In collaboration with the biggest Slovenian manufacturer of prefabricated homes Marles, SADAR+VUGA has designed a modern, eco-friendly house, that was featured as part of the Marles stand at the Ljubljana fair "SEJEM DOM 2015". 

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miesbig 16/12/2014

Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

SADAR+VUGA's Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC) has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. This Prize draws attention to the contribution of European professionals in the development of new ideas and technologies, as well as the cultural importance of architecture in the construction of our cities.

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PMF 30/10/2014

PMF, Faculty of Science, Zagreb

SADAR+VUGA participated at the open international competition for the new building of the Departments of Biology, Geography and Geology of the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia..


architectural tuesday 25/11/2014

Architectural Tuesday

This semester at the Faculty of Architecture in Cologne the lecture series called "Architectural Tuesday" is dedicated to Slovenia and its highly varied architectural history. Eight Slovenian architects have been invited to present their expert thoughts and work. On Tuesday, 25th of November, Boštjan Vuga presented the work of SADAR+VUGA office. 


rtv slo 1 12 2014 11/12/2014

Panoptikum "Gentrification" 
on national TV

Panoptikum, the Slovenian national television live talk-show, devoted to the phenomena of "gentrification", hosted professionals from the fields of sociology, urbanism and architecture, among which also Boštjan Vuga.

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